March 25, 2008


I swear, if I hear one more "so how, found a job already ah?", I'll scream.

Seriously, that's all I hear about these days. And it's getting really frustrating. It's not like I'm not looking. I've had emails and calls of rejection, and believe you me, that did not make things all better. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.

I'm now thinking twice of uploading photos of the stuff I cooked or baked, simply because of the snarky comments I get (no, not from this blog. You guys have been lovely). Because I really do NOT need this.

"Wah ... the muffins look so nice. Aiya I think you better get a job soon, or else you'll turn into a housewife".


Not that I'm contemplating the notion, but when has the word "housewife" become such a bad word? From Desperate Housewives, is it? I mean, even if I do go down that path, what business is it of anyone else's but my own?

So back off already. Please. I need support, not more added frustrations.



parisb said...

Oh dear! And I was wondering why it was so quiet on this front. Have faith. A job will turn up - desperation never brings good things especially jobs. ANd whats wrong with being a housewife anyway? I wanna be a house wife :P

Trinity said...

I am a house wife! It's great to be house wife anyway.. :-) btw you can start to write paid posts then earn some money from blogging.. it's a job as well.. a blogger job.. :-) I think it's cool!

pelf said...

Busybodies will be busybodies. And you don't have to answer them, so please don't let them control and manage your life. Do whatever you want to. It's your blog, it's your life, remember that, ok?? :)


may said...

pooh-pooh to those who made you upset! everything in good time, my dear. you'll get there soon, I know you will :-)

constant drama said...

I know!! Since when is being a homemaker is a bad thing? Whatever happen to freedom of choice and all that?


I dunno about you, but my mom is a homemaker and that pisses me off.

zewt said...

so how? found a job already ah?

*runs for cover*

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love reading your blog and please continue to share your stories.

I can understand where you're coming from. I am living in Perth and we are going through the same problem i.e. rental crisis, home price off-the-roof and everything is so expensive. Hang in there... try Emp Agency, they are often very quick in finding a temp job with tempting pay.

Keep smiling ~~

Tine said...

Paris: Well, I don't want the mundane chores of a housewife (since I have no kids just yet), but I don't want to work to the bone either. Tsk tsk, can never be contented eh? :p

Trinity: That's exactly what I'm doing now. Isn't easy to find ads to write though. Grr.

Pelf: Thanks! :) *hugs*

May: Thanks, I know I will :)

Constant Drama: Err you're pissed off because your mum's a homemaker or that people assumes badly about homemakers? :p

Zewt: Eh, mana rotan aku? Mana ROTAN??!


Anonymous: Hi there, thanks very much for the compliments and the tip! I'll go check it out. Hope to see you again soon :)

lingzie said...

hang in there tine! you shouldn't let these ppl upset you. you do things at your own pace. its not like you're sitting around the house doing nothing about it. and even if you wanted to take a few months off, so what? it's your prerogative!
don't let other ppl dictate the way you live. as long as you're happy (and you're not doing breaking any laws..) then to heck with them!

geekchic said...

screw what everyone else says. Been there, done that. You've only JUST got here and to be honest, feb and march are the only months when employers start to pick up pace. It's really no big. enjoy the peace and quiet now. before you know it, you've got a job and you wish you were not working and waking up at whatever time you wish :) and THAT is speaking from experience, HAHA!

zewt said...

hahahahahaha.... !

PabloPabla said...

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littleComma said...

I was on the same topic with my coll today. We're kinda bored at work. But, without job, also bored. With job, lagi bored. :) Human being ....

enjoy ur freedom while u can !