March 14, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl? Meh.

I just finished watching the first episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl. I couldn't bring myself to watch any more episodes because it just disgusted me at how shallow the people were.

Especially the judges. Ugh.

But then again, it IS a modeling competition, so whatever.

Okay. What's next?


Kamigoroshi said...

America's Next Model?

Haha...more reason not to watch TV. Or at least nothing of that caliber. I much of a British humour and wit can you take because Doctor Who is a worthwhile watch, at least for anyone who appreciates good science fiction and a decent storyline to boot despite the cheesy low budget.

zewt said...

this is nothing close to a good model reality show... sigh... i shall reserve my comment...

geekchic said...

YOU WATCHED?!?!?! why?!?!!?

Tine said...

Kamigoroshi: You know, I've never watched Doctor Who, even when I was in the UK. Big mistake. I've seen clips of the show, and I thought it was pretty good. Oh well, there's always torrents for it :p

And nope, I've never watched America's Next Model either. Boring lah.

Zewt: Yeah, don't even bother. Don't know why I did in the first place.

Geekchic: I actually stumbled upon the site from another blog. The blogger's opinion of the show was meh too, so I thought I'd check out at least the first episode just to see what it was like, especially since that famous blogger's a judge. And yeah, I think my IQ just dropped don't-know-how-many-points after that one episode :p

geekchic said...

I was at work when some of the folks stumbled upon the exact same link. Don't ask HOW. I was quickly and very excitedly summoned over to share in. We CRINGED and I quickly had to say the oh-non-related-internet-use-better-close-in-case-boss-sees kinda thing.

EWWWWW... I didn't know where to hide my face after that. :P And, because they were aussies, they think those asian girls are hot. Just too skinny

I, err, had no comments :)

Tine said...

Geekchic: Hahahaha! I don't think I'd know where to put my face either, if I were you. Okay, SOME of them are hot, but really, everything just seems so shallow. And OMG, the judges! It's the judges I can't stand.

Especially that blogger.

~su teng~ said...

I cant agree with you more. I thought the whole show was very shallow and was disgusted at the way they (all 3 judges) criticised some of the girls. They try to act like they're judging America's Next Top Model and its just the wrong concept to carry in their heads.

Anyway, take care in Melbourne! Its known for its 4 seasons a day weather. LoL

lingzie said...

oh i saw some of the interviews of the contestants...and it was so.... i cant even comment! i watched one for like a few seconds...cringed through every single second of it before i begged my brother, 'can i please close the blardee window?' that's how tak boleh tahan i am over the show! no more no more!

Tine said...

Su Teng: Hi hi, thanks for dropping by :)

Yeah, I know. My sentiments exactly. That's why it disgusted me, on how shallow the judges were. Tsk tsk.

It's still pretty warm here. But yeah, I know about the 4 seasons. Very much like the UK, hehe.

Lingzie: Haha, exactly! I was cringing all the way too. I was like, yeah okay, whatever :p