March 28, 2008

I Don't Understand WTF

Can someone please, PLEASE, enlighten me on what the hell a semi-completed sentence which ends with the words "wtf" mean?! I keep reading it in blogs, and I really don't get it. The sentences just do not make sense.

I'm so cold wtf.

That is so weird wtf.

Blah blah blah whatever you wanna type here wtf.

I could go on. I'd rather not.

Is this some sort of cool way to express yourself now? Am I too old to actually understand this? Bugger if I am.

*scratches head*

Whatever lah. Wtf.


Leyenda said...


Seems like a legitimate expression to indicate confusion but I can't understand it either. It's amazing how young'uns are bastardising the language.

Explanation FTW. kthxbai

constant drama said...

Dude, I dont get it either. I know SPECIFICLY of a blog by a friend of mine that does that. But the thing is.....she ends all her sentences when speaking also with
"what the fuck". True story.

I dont understand it but I have come to accept it. Its better than those idiots teenagers that blog like this:

"Ohmygawd he is so funny. I laughed. Haha."

That's waaaaay stooopid ok.

lingzie said...

oh yeah that 'wtf' thing.
i've noticed it being littered around blogs of late.
absolutely no idea what that is supposed to mean..i guess its a fad thing... which we are 'too old' to understand! :P

Tine said...

Leyenda: Yeah, I know. And it irks me to no end to read stuff like that. The "kthxbai" thing, to me, is just plain rude. But then again, it's a blog, so again, whatever lah yeah?

Constant drama: Hahaha, I know! It's very Americanised, you know? Not that it's a bad thing, but it is when you just rip the whole thing apart. Oh well, like you said, it's teenagers talk, so it's their thing lah. Geez, how old does that make me sound?! :O

Lingzie: Hehe, that's what I thought! And then it makes me sad 'cos I'm getting older liao. Sigh.

tihtahpah said... means what the fuck ...excuse the bad language...

Trinity said...

muahahahaha... so, wtf is what the f****? kakakakakak!

Tine, come over my blog, I need to say something for you..and there is an award also for yoU!

Trinity said...

Owwww you were there!! hehehehe

L B said...

Surely that means Which Two Fingers?!! :-)

Tine said...

Tihtahpah: I know lah. I just don't understand a sentence that ends with it, because it just doesn't make sense. Gah, I was just nitpicking ;)

Trinity: Oooh thanks Trinity for the award! I actually missed it in the horizontal scrolling thingy :p

LB: Hmmm ... now how does that make even more sense? :P