March 14, 2008

Heatwave and Flip-Flops

I did the unthinkable yesterday. I actually walked to the Chadstone shopping centre (it was a 30-minute walk one way) in the midst of a heatwave. Yesterday's temperature was marked at 38C.

What the hell was I thinking?!

Thank goodness I had a bottle of water with me, or else I would have collapsed in dehydration. That, and lots of SPF.

Anyhoos, I walked two hours non-stop in these, and not a single blister or sore on my feet. They are even better than my Reeboks (
bok bok bok bok bok ...)!


There ya go, my super oleng ciplak Croc slippers (as if I would actually wear those heinous shoes!), which I bought for RM10.90 at Carrefour.

Moral of the story? You just gotta love 'em pirates :p


Trinity said...

Tine, may be you can be 3 first commentator now.. but you have to come again NOW... HAHAHA..

BTW, I use photoshop cs3 or cs2 to touch up my to teach? come here? :-)

Pinkelle said...

Ciplak Crocs? I thought that was the real deal! :) Woot, goes to show that ciplak things aren't all that bad :)

Tine said...

Trinity: I did, I did!! But you moderate your comments, so I have no idea if I was the first three. Oh well :p

Pinkelle: I know! Cheap, right? BEST flip-flops I've EVER worn :)

Trinity said...

Yes you did.. LOL... 5 hearts already! Way to go! LOL eh Tine, that ciplak croc is not the real croc? rm 10.90 equal to... 30.000 rupiah?

Tine said...

Trinity: YAY! :D

Yep, those are fake Crocs. The flip-flop-style Crocs, not the ones that cover the whole feet (those are uber ugly). Yep, it's approximately 30k rupiah. Would that be cheap there? Cos it's dirt cheap back home :p

kyels said...

Pirate Crocs! I've seen many people wearing them but seriously I still cannot learn to love the heinous Crocs ... Mwehehe!