March 01, 2008


"Err ... what's the occasion?"


"What did you do wrong??"

"Aiya, saja lah. Cannot meh?"


My favourite flowers from the husband. Gotta stop being paranoid so early in the marriage :p

Sweet, so sweet *mmmmmmmm*.


rinnah said...

That's so sweet of your hubby! Is it just because he knows those are your favorite flowers?

beetrice said...

Oh good Lord, flowers also so suspicious..wahhahaha... :D

Give another decade or so lah...THEN you can get all paranoid...teeheehee!

TrueBluePenangite said...

Hahahaha....damn paranoid. Just enjoy the honeymoon man! BTW, John saja showed up in my bed on early Sat morning and nearly gave me a heart attack! He said that he has never heard me scream like that before. Guys!

Trinity said...

Hellooowww... it's my first time here and I love the way you arrange your blog! really neat and that butterflies are so pretty!! Well done! I want to do like this as well ah.. hope I can do it.. :-D

Trinity said...

btw, I love flowers too.. what paranoid? :-)

I see that you modified this template by yourself! Wah so nice! Well done!

Tine said...

Rinnah: Yep he knows. He'd better ;)

Beetrice: Tee hee, aiya better to be safe than sorry. How lah if he said "Err sorry honey, I ... " ?? :P

Truebluepenangite: Good Lord, don't say you lah, I would "kee siao" if Tim frightened me like that!

Trinity: Hi hi Trinity, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, modified the template with my favourite elements - flowers and butterflies! I checked out your blog; you did a GREAT job on the scrapbooking elements too!!

Kleio the Muse said...

You r so luck. Such a sweet guy. But really ah, stop freaking out each time he buys you thing you know. If not they wouldn't be more in the future. Don't freak him out kay. Lol

As for me, I like flowers but I'd be happier if my guy buys me small gadgets like thumbdrive and stuff like that. He could put it in a jewelry case if he wants too. Ahahahha. That's me dear.

Trinity said...

Thanks for checking... teach me how to make this neat sidebar ok?