March 27, 2008

Twit Me!

Remember my on-off relationship with Twitter?

It's definitely on. Very on this time. In fact, it's so on, that I'm bloody addicted to telling the whole wide world as to what I'm currently doing, and quietly checking out what you are doing. I'm here, if you wanna follow me. Bear in mind, I'm very the boring.

Oh, and I can update from my *ahem ahem* iPod Touch (which I shall blog about soon) at anytime too. Tee hee. *cough* show off *cough*

Anyone else out there twit? Tweet?

I need more people to stalk lah.


Kamigoroshi said...

You know I'm on Twitter 24/7. Or at least I know you're on Twitter 24/7. I just don't see you on IM 24/7. :)

Leyenda said...

Never seen the draw of Twitter personally... but an iPod Touch I can definitely get excited about. Wonder when they'll get around to bringing the iPhone to Australia :/

constant drama said...

Dude, thanks for educating me on what Twitter is. I was like "what?"