March 13, 2008

Nothing to Say

What's the point of updating when there's nothing going on to talk about in the first place?

Can't be telling you the stuff I cooked on a daily basis now, can I? (By the way, my cooking gave Tim and I diarrhea the other day. Yep, I finally managed to poison my husband)


Emo Tub

Gotta get out of this funk soon.


Jemima said...

Sometimes it's best to say nothing at all..

Btw, it might not be your cooking.. just something else that you both ate or drank.


Kamigoroshi said...

5 hours and phone call away. No reason to be so pensive. Hey, if you want, I can drop on over and cook you guys a nice dinner.

Melbourne is a big place (though not my place since I'm a Sydney person). Always good to go around and have some fun.

charmedcookie said...

u cld pen some of the things that were swimming in ur head when u walked for an hour(?!) "argh...the sun!!...the sun!! it's scorchingly hot! what on earth m i doing??? never in a million years i wld do this ever again... did i put sun block?" :P

zewt said...

hahaahahha... i am sure he is not dead... means he can be poisoned again...

Tine said...

Jemima: Nah, it was the food. It was too spicy, which caused the tummy upset. Shucks.


Kamigoroshi: Yeah I know. Thanks for calling me yesterday, btw. Yay, I have another friend in Australia now :D

Charmedcookie: Hahahahahahaha, that sounds like something I put on my Twitter! :p

Zewt: Yep, and you can tell I'm scheming again ... *evil grin*