March 27, 2008

I Have Not Forgotten About You

Update: This will be the last time I talk about you here. Goodbye.

There are times when I think of how you're doing, how you're getting on. No, I have not forgotten you. How could I, when you were a significant part of my life before?

Yet we do not write to each other, not anymore. We both know we were lying when we said we would keep in touch. Time apart from each other was what we so desperately needed but never had. This is good, very good.

I know you don't come here anymore. Too bad.

Because I'm going to prove you wrong. That I can and will be able to make it here on my own. In time you'll hear through the grapevine on how good I'm doing here. I will not succumb to the stereotype you assumed I will become. I will not give you that pleasure.


I have not forgotten about you.


PabloPabla said...

Who? Me? Nah! Not me right? :D

Tine said...

Hehehe nope, sorry, it's not you. But good try ;)