March 29, 2008

The Reason We'll Be Eating Maggi Mee For Awhile

We've been sinfully indulgent this month. And I mean really sinful.


On the left would be my iPod Touch, which is supposed to be a very early birthday pressie (my birthday's actually in June). We've been looking around for quite a while now, checking out prices and all that. Thank God Harvey Norman was having a sale on their iPods a few weeks ago, and we managed to knock $100 off. 32GB is a LOT of music and video to indulge myself in :p

Methinks the hubby's green-eyed at my iPod Touch, because he got himself an iPhone the very next day! Tsk tsk tsk. Had to get it online, of course, because it's not out in Australia yet. It was unlocked too, which was good. And oh. My. Gaaawwwd. It is the most beautiful phone I've ever seen. The features are not as fancy as other mobile phones there are out there, but come on, an Apple-something is every geek's desire, no matter how small. Tee hee :p

This will SEVERELY cut down our dining outs for the next month. But really, these toys are so worth it.


pb said...

*picks jaw off floor* I wan! I'll cheerfully eat at home for a month... or two... or maybe three ;)

Leyenda said...

Oh god... *drool* :P~~~~

I'm trying to hold off till the June Software 2.0 update before deciding on which Touch model to get. What do you think of Safari on it so far?

zewt said...

so it's not out in aust... jules asked me to wait, dont get it here cos aust might have it... looks like i have to change my plan... hehe...time to get it here...

kyels said...

That's really sweet! I'm still waiting for the newer version of the iPhone to be released. And they're not allowed to sell any in Malaysia --- yet but some of the vendors are selling them phones illegally.

Jemima said...

No need to eat Maggi Mee every day. Can opt for porridge instead. :p

Enjoy your new toys!!! ;)

Tine said...

Paris: Hehehehe, I think no need to eat at home for so many months lah :P

Leyenda: The Safari on the Touch is pretty good. No fancy-schmancy stuff, makes loading fast. Go get it already ;)

Zewt: I heard from my flatmate today that apparently the iPhone will be out in June woh. But I can't be 100% certain. Better check lor. Anyways, you can get it online. I think it's better than getting it with the subscription, 'cos you'll be tied down to the network for two years.

Kyels: Aww thanks. Get it lah, you'll love it!

Jemima: Hehehe, true true, that's a good idea. With porridge, no need to lose hair :p

giddy tigress said...

I also want! *drools*
Seriously though, I didn't think I would like it so much till I held it.

L B said...

Way to go! Welcome to the iPhone Club!!! :-)

daphne said...

they look so cool, you've got me there! now i'm tempted too.. haha

Tine said...

Giddy Tigress: I know, right? At first, I was like, aiya, so what if it's an iPhone? Lousy features compared to other cheaper phones. But once it's in your hands, Oh. My. GAAAAAWWD.

LB: Oh yeah, you have one too. Yay! :P

Daphne: Go get one! Go get one! :p

geekchic said...

i've had my ipod mini (1st gen the one in metallic colours) since goodness knows when. The battery life is starting to die on me especially with the long commutes to work. I did think of getting a new ipod. the nano is SO affordable! And, the reason why I wanted the ipod touch is because,well, wifi! :P

ANYWAY, i'd say no to ipod phones yet. like you, I'm still thinking it's hugely lacking in features. That's also another way of saying I CANNOT AFFORD IT. :P Also, Jen and I'd just signed up for a contract with 3 and the unless apple comes out with a 3g phone (rumour has it they ARE!), it'll be pretty much useless to us :)

But yes, Apple does have a knack of bringing a whole new level of sexiness to any device :)