April 11, 2007

Chivalry Is Dead, Methinks

Was totally swamped with work for the past couple of days. Meetings to attend, reports to write, people to get pissed off at.

My seven boxes from Japan finally arrived. My colleagues were shocked at the amount of stuff I sent home. Well, those seven boxes were my life in Japan. Of course must take back lah!

Bringing the boxes home was a pain in the ass though. First of all, the courier people were rude, and very unhelpful. The boxes arrived at the office, instead of my house, even though I specifically requested that they be sent to my house. I even had to carry the boxes to my car by myself! In a bloody skirt!

I asked the person to help put the boxes into the boot of the car for me, as I carried some of the boxes and put it in. You know what he did? He carried the boxes, and put it right next to my feet when he could have just put it into the boot!! And when I asked the security guards at the guardhouse to give me a hand, they just stood there, WATCHED me struggle with the boxes, and never bothered to help me out at all. Chivalry is dead, people. Plus, when I was home (yeah, I managed to squeeze seven big boxes into my Waja)I , carrying seven boxes up three flights of stairs ain't a piece of pie either. I'm now stuck with achy arms, and possibly an almost-strained back. Gah!

I really need this now.


Aaaaahhhh ...


Paris Beaverbanks said...

You poor thing! I agree though that chivalry is indeed dead. Not only do they not help you, they let doors slam in your face! I try to make a show of it though when I have to carry heavy boxes and documents. Usually clients will help if I do the damsel in distress act ;) But if no one does then *shrug* well we are independant strong women of the 21st century! lol

TrueBluePenangite said...

Rude,rude,rude,rude,rude. Somehow I am not surprised if the damn security purposely did not help you so that they can enjoy the sight of your butt struggling with the boxes in a skirt. People are very, very sick. Yes, this info was related to me by a guy. I was so pissed when I heard it. But then, after hearing about the CCTV focusing on women's thighs during a town hall meeting or something like that, it should not surprise you.

This is one of the things that I do not miss about Penang and Msia. Not that people are not rude here but a majority of the population will still open doors for you, keep them open, if you are behind them, hold the elevator open, assist whenever they can (eg if they see you struggling with boxes, they will help without being asked). This is general courtesy and I am proud to say that we in the Midwest are still practicing it.

Poor girl, you need a hot soak and to go to bed.

Tine said...

Paris: Oh I simply cannot tahan those who can't even bother to at least hold the door open for you when they know you're coming through. Or better yet, they KNOW you're coming through, and they let the door slam in your face! I mean, come on!

Truebluepenangite: Yeah tell me about it. I reckon the skirt thing's some kind of a sick turn on for them, although it's knee-length, and damn ugly :P But if you think chivalry is dead in Malaysia, then I'd say that chivalry is made to die in Japan. There is NO such thing. Women are insignificant. Doesn't that just piss you off?

Jemima said...

It is not only dead, my girl.
I think the word doesn't even exist in many men's vocab nowadays. *sigh*

Laksarian said...

Wow, 7 boxes all by yourself? Congratulations, you independent woman of the 21st century! It's about time we show those men that we are just as capable as them when it comes to carrying stuff. I just can't stand it when they offer to help me carry my stuff like I'm some kind of weakling compared to them. Excuse me, I am just as capable as you ok?! I don't need your help! I am an independent woman of the 21st century!