April 20, 2007

Shoot The Crank Callers!

Reading this, this and this reminded me of the stupid crank calls I used to receive (still am receiving, although by different idiotic callers). I don't understand the so-called 'fun' these people derive out of crank calls; they're annoying and quite frankly a huge pain in the ass if the calls are frequent.

I remembered my first crank caller. I was about 10 years old, and I had a phone extension in my room (at that age, most of the calls coming in to the house were mine; dad reckoned it would be easier to just extend the phone line to my room so that they do not have to pick up the calls). I would receive calls from the same person either in the afternoon, or at night. He sounded rather old to me, and he would always say the same phrases in Hokkien - "I wanna f**k you", whilst breathing heavily. At that time, I was pretty freaked out. My Hokkien wasn't good enough to fully understand what he meant, so I had a friend answer once. When she told me what the caller meant, I was really scared. For a few months, I didn't dare answer the phone, and when I did, I kept quiet, until the other party said "hello". I had a whistle by the phone; if he were to call again, I'd blow hard at it. He never did call again, but that was one scary experience.

A more recent annoying call was to my mobile phone about a year ago. I had an extra Maxis number which I bought just for fun, since the starter pack was really cheap. Thus, no one knew that phone number except for me. I normally wouldn't answer calls which came to that number, but there was one particular caller who kept calling, so I reckoned I'd tell the person he'd gotten the wrong number. He spoke in Malay (sorry folks, no translations to English for today).

Caller: Eh boleh saya cakap dengan XXX? (he was really rude from the getgo, which pissed me off)

Me: Sorry, nombor salah (yeah, I know. I speak rubbish Malay)

Caller: HA? APA? I mau cakap dengan XXX!!

Me: Encik, nombor SALAH.

Caller: Ini siapa ni??

Me: *sigh* Nombor salah lah. You mau cakap dengan siapa?

Caller: XXX LAH!

Me: Saya sudah cakap tadi. You nombor salah!

Caller: Ini siapa ni?? Ha? Siapa??

At this point, I got really annoyed, and hung up. I mean, hello? I told you so many times that you've gotten the wrong number, and you kept asking me who I was, and you had the cheek to raise your voice at me?! The caller rang the number again, many times too. After about 6 times, I thought I'd answer the call once more. This time, it was a different man on the other line, but it was from the same number.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Ini siapa ni? Ha?

Me: (really pissed off, and couldn't speak in Malay anymore as my command in the language gets poorer when angry) Look, I've told you many times, you've gotten the wrong number.

Caller: Ya I know.

Me: (WTF?!) Huh?? What? I said you've gotten the wrong number.

Caller: Ya I know. Who's this? Siapa ni?

I hung up. Didn't even know why I bothered to answer the phone in the first place. That was OBVIOUSLY a crank caller, and not simply a mistaken call. The phone rang again, for about 3 more times. This time, I didn't bother answering his calls anymore. To my surprise, a text message came in.

"Who's this? Ha? Cannot answer the call is it? Answer me, you b***h!"

That's it. I saw red, and replied his message.

"Go to hell. Stop calling."

No more messages came in, but the phone kept ringing. It was the same caller. I switched the phone off for a week. The caller never called again.

Have you had any bad experiences with crank callers? What did you do? Next time I face this again, methinks I'll use the whistle on the crank caller. GAH! *shake fists in the air*


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Eeks! Thats super creepy! I don't get crank calls of that nature. But I did get some disturbing calls to my house line a while back. Mostly the callers were Indian (descriptive not derogatory) and would call late at night or early in the morning. It was so disruptive, I unplugged the line. So now I don't use the landline in the house, only for streamyx.

Adi said...

blogwalking :) well, no comment for that, definitly crazy

narrowband said...

I get lots of those back in secondary sch. The caller would keep quiet for a good 10-15 seconds despite my repeated 'hello's. No breathing, no nothing, only sounds of occasional phone movements.

It was really annoying and frustrating. I knew they were directed at me, cos my mom answered them and the girl on the line asked for me. Yes, a girl. Sometimes I wished I had caller ID installed so I could do the same to her by calling the number at night - late at night to annoy her family.

These days people are more mature and I rarely get stupid phone calls. You could probably get someone to help deal with that caller who asked who you are. Get your dad or someone to speak. The callers could have been serious, who knows. Furthermore, I think getting someone to speak to them firmly could help put an end to the calls for good.

l i t t l e c o m m a said...

hahhaha... reminds me of what i experienced before. A woman called me and was looking for a guy (and I think it's her bf cos she seemed shocked for another girl to answer the phone). Told her that she has gotten the wrong number and I hung up. She called again and I told her the same thing again and hung up.

She called back for the 3rd time and she sounded a little rude this time round. I pretended to knock on a door and said "Honey, it's her again ... do you want to answer her call?". She didn't call again.

Jemima said...

Aiyoyo! Thank God & I pray that I won't get these sort of calls.

Sleep well this weekend, Sleeping Beauty. ;)

Tine said...

Paris: Crank calls, disturbing calls, etc are all a pain in the behind. Some people just don't get it when you tell them "WRONG NUMBER"

Adi: Hey hey, thanks for dropping by. Yep, indeed it's crazy :p

Narrowband: Oh yeah, I've gotten my share of those too. No words on the other end, just silence. Now, with the wide use of cellphones, I could overlook that because sometimes when the phone's in your bag or pocket, you might accidentally press the last-called number. But before the era of cellphones, there's no excuse.

Yeah, caller ID's the way to go. We have one at home too :)

Little Comma: Hahahaha, good one!! :p Some people never learn.

Jem: Lucky lah you :P