April 16, 2007

I Miss You

I've been feeling under the weather lately. I need a break. Break from work, break from friends, break from family.

It's forty more days before I see Tim again. I'm missing him so much; now I know the extend of the effort couples put in to make a long-distanced relationship to work. I really thank God for the technology which we have in order to stay in close touch with each other, being able to see each other every night via the webcam, emails, very cheap phone calls over VOIP, and text messages. I really salute couples of yore who were far apart from each other but managed to keep their relationship alive only with letters. I don't think I'd be able to have the strength to pull through.

I Miss You

I miss you today
More than I usually do
I’m not sure why today is so different
I just really miss you
Your laugh
Your thoughts
Everything about you
Your scent
Your touch
I miss you so much
I’m at a crossroad in my life
I need your guidance
Your advice
I need you to tell me
It will be all right
I’m uncertain about tomorrow
In my heart
I feel great sorrow
How I wish
That I may borrow
Just one more day
With you

Okay I didn't write that (I'm obviously no poet), but they are my sentiments.

Did I mention I need a break?


zeroimpact said...

Yes, missing someone is really hard to digest at times
Even despite the all the technology that we have, the human touch and presence still prevails above all

Jemima said...

Forty days.. they are gonna fly & you'll be in his arms in no time at all.

Then again, you're gonna miss him even more when you return from your trip. *sigh*

Hugs, my friend.

Paris said...

Missing someone is hard, but 40 days will just fly by. Chin up gal and I hope you feel better soon *hugs*

beetrice said...

You can do it girl..ganbatte!! I know it's cold comfort now, but you'll be spending the rest of your lives together.. :)

Need a break? Come KL lah...hehe...

Timodee said...

you'll get to see me soon :)
i know it's been difficult, and it has been for me too; I love you baby
I cannot physically be there now, but I'm here for you to confide in.
big kisses and hugs

Kamigoroshi said...

Take a deep breath because the only thing we can do in times like this is take it one day a time.

But that's how it goes, a moment at a time. Tomorrow will be new day and another day closer to the one you care for.

That's nice sentiment to consider. :)

TrueBluePenangite said...

It's going to be alright, girl. Just take it one day at a time and the days will pass. Take it from someone who had a long distance relationship for years and year (almost 5 1/2) and now we are together. It's shitty but this too shall pass. Keep strong. Love you and mucho big hug.