April 09, 2007

Think Pink

A word of warning, this is one PINK post.

I've been having cravings for baby pink things lately. Well, it wasn't that recently; more like a year ago, when I bought my first baby pink top from Hard Rock Cafe, Yokohama. After that, all hell broke loose; I have a pink mobilephone case (well, half-pink, half blue; I couldn't get a nice solid pink case), pink bed linen, pink bags, etc. I'm like, okay, what the heck's going on here? I craved for black and more black (with an occasional bit of red) when I was in my teens, but pink when I'm way past 25? You see the problem here?

Anyhoos, it's not just the small stuff. I recently saw the Sony T10 and T100 digital cameras on sale at Narita Airport, in pink, and I tell you, it took A LOT of willpower to leave the shop (I was there for over 30 minutes, just LOOKING at the camera).

Sony T10 and T100

When I saw the pink Sony Vaio, I absolutely fell in love with it (actually, with laptops, I'd go for either a pink or better yet, a white one, hence the Macbook). Oh boy. It's girly, it's so pretty, I likey.

Pink Sony Vaio
Pretty, so pretty

My Acer
How mine pales in comparison :(

Look at how sterile my notebook is. Sigh. Oh well, it does the job, so it'll do. Why couldn't they have sold Sony or Mac laptops cheaper when I was looking for a notebook a couple of years ago?

Acer Laptop Bag

Man, Acer provides the UGLIEST notebook bags. I mean, yeah, it's a Targus, so it's sturdy, yadah yadah yadah, but wait till you see these babies available on the Internet.

Black and Pink Notebook Bag

Another Fancypants Notebook Bag

Chanel-like Notebook Bag

My favourite's the last one. Very Chanel, no? ;)

I reckon I'm the only crazy one here wanting 'em all in pink :P How do you carry yours? A nice fancy laptop bag, or a sucky Targus like mine? Chances are, it's the latter. Join the club, people.

I shall now return to gazing at all these pinkness.


Paris said...

The pinkness of the sony puts me off a little but I like the mouse!! :D I don't carry my laptop because its like carrying a ton of bricks and then some. But when I do, yeah, your Targus looks absolutely stylish next to mine :P Pink is the new black, right?!

Merv Kwok said...

the problem with a pink notebook is, the wrist rest will stain easily.

TrueBluePenangite said...

I likey, I likey....I have recently started to like pink as well. I used to have such a blue obsession though.

Have you seen Xiaxue's blog? It's http://xiaxue.blogspot.com/
The girl has TONs of pink stuff. Anyway, glad that you're back home safely from Japan.

Tine said...

Paris: Serious? I thought my Targus bag's crap! :p Yeah, lugging my laptop around's like carrying a bag of bricks too. I bought it to be used more like a desktop than for mobility anyways.

Merv: True true. I have to wipe my notebook everytime I use it to prevent such stains. Hmm ...

Truebluepenangite: Xiaxue's blog's serious pink overkill. I don't think I can tahan lah. That's like Hello Kitty just vomitted all of her pink, and THEN some. Tee hee hee! :P

beetrice said...

Sigh...I saw the new Vaios as well...but maybe pink ain't really my colour...hehe..now if we were talking about lilac... ;)

But the Chanel-esque bag is REALLY nice...*drool*

Tine said...

Beetrice: Oh yeah ... I bet a lilac one would be gorgeous :p

Oh yeaaahhh ... I was drooling over the bag too. The ones sold here suck :(