April 27, 2007

Good Long Weekend

An hour to go, and my long weekend begins! Four days of unadulterated bliss ... sleep, sleep, sleep. I don't know why, but this week has been really long and exhausting for me. Every morning was a struggle for me; I couldn't get up without feeling even more tired. Must be due to the lack of exercise, which made me so sluggish and lethargic during the day, which lasted to the night.

So what's up for the weekend for you? I reckon a lot of ya will be taking the opportunity to balik kampung, go on a holiday, and perhaps be like me, stay at home and sleep the days away (mmmm). I'd be absolutely unproductive and lazy, but hey, I earned it ;) Gonna start my next DVD marathon too - Grey's Anatomy Third Season, here I come! Do I dare indulge in a facial too? I DO!! :p

Anyhoos, wherever y'all are going, be safe, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. For those who unfortunately do not have the long weekend off, well, don't be too jealous of us who do. Tee hee hee.

Have a good weekend, folks.


nazlihaffiz said...

enjoy ur long weekend..

oh i am jealous.. huhu..

Paris said...

Wah you took Monday off! :O How decadent :P Enjoy your long weekend. I'm working Monday but might be shopping for a phone or just making the house look presentable again over the 2 day break. Have fun!

Jemima said...

Have a great time with McDreamy, Tine. ;)

Paris said...

Here's an easy one - TAG!

confessing7girl said...

hey great blog here and lovelly template!!oh i love grey's anatomy too!! so u hv a good weekend

Tine said...

Nazlihaffiz: Hehe, thanks. Don't be too jealous now ;)

Paris: Ha? No lah, we're only off on Monday and Tuesday (instead of Wednesday), so not that many days off.

Jemima: Ohhhh ... Mcdreamy ... mmmmm ....

Paris: Got it, and done! ;)

Confessing7girl: Hey, thanks for dropping by. You have a good weekend too :)

jo said...

Happy holiday!

Just to let you know I had the pleasure of 'testing' dramatically different lotion at the Clinique booth in mid valley last week.

They were having promotion for Total Turnaround mask and let you try for free. On top of that the consultant let me try the toner, lotion, hydration gel, pore minimizer.. eye gel.

My face actually felt very comfortable all night!! But to think of the layers I have to apply each time ... haha..