April 17, 2007


My dear friends,

Thanks for the kind and supportive words. I originally intended to close comments off my last post, as I thought it rather personal, which no one would comment on. I forgot to turn the comments off, and to my surprise, all your kind words of encouragement started pouring in, which really touched me. Thank you.


I'm at a crossroads right now, which is putting me in quite a dilemma. I'm pretty keen on a particular diploma course, where I can finally learn something to my interest, but I'm not sure if I should go for it.

First of all, it's quite expensive for a 6-months course, and pretty intensive too. I shall have to leave for classes immediately after work (it's a 30-minute drive to town on light traffic), and will be back quite late. This, of course, means that I won't be able to see Tim online until I'm home, which would be almost midnight for him, given the time difference. Also, this would affect the wedding planning, since I won't have much time for it other than the weekends (this one's a toughie). I'm already complaining about how little I get to see him, and this would seriously cut down our time together.

On the other hand, it's something that I'd love to learn, and picking up a new skill would be great, in case I can't manage to find an engineering job in Australia next year. You see my dilemma here?

Sigh. It's quite a big decision to make, given that I cannot take the course lightly in case I do commit to it (it's pretty expensive). Am praying about it; hopefully will reach a decision soon.

Will keep y'all updated about this.


Paris said...

Carpe diem! Education is never a waste of time and will always be an asset. Susah-susah sekarang, senang-senang kemudian :) I'm sure Tim will understand and well, you'll be together down under when? Next year? You don't want to regret not having taking a course in something you enjoy and which, for all you know, may turn out to be your future! :)

Jemima said...

I would go back & study.. if I could afford it.
I would have stayed on in Melbourne.. if I could.
I've no idea what my future holds for me.. unlike you, Tine.

There are many things I wish that I could do.. my friend. *sigh*

zeroimpact said...

I guess this is a real dilemma as you have so many things at hand
I too would go back to study if I could afford it
I'm sure you already have a decision in mind

misery said...

Never sacrifice an opportunity to grow as a person for the sake of somebody else - especially in a situation as trivial as this! you have all the years in your life to see him and to talk to him.

6 months is nothing. If you are not able to say to yourself that I come first (you have to think about yourself first before you think of the other. Think about it..if you are not happy, you will not make the other happy), then you are either growing too dependent on this r/s or you're turning into one of those couples who is quite incapable of being thenmselves as individuals. Don't turn into the latter. It's really sad when that happens.

I'm on a mobile plan where I get bout $230 worth of calls to make international for only $49. It's not exp and that way, you guys can still talk on the phone.