April 07, 2007

sweetcontemplation.com Is Now Ready!

I finally did it. Bought my own domain from Godaddy.com, with the help of a few blogger-pals.


I paid extra for private registration to keep my contact details private. It's not much extra; I figured the extra security's worth my money.

I'm actually still hosting this blog on Blogger, rather than having my own host. Since I'm new at this, it would be better if I take it one step at a time. Gonna play around with Wordpress a little more, before I finally get myself a proper webhost. This means I'm still at the mercy of Blogger *gulp*. Anyhoos, like I said, it won't be long before I move on, so I'll just enjoy this for now.

So, people, do update your bookmarks to:

Even if you type the original Blogspot address, Blogger will still redirect you to the new one, which is good.

Many thanks to Kamigoroshi and Paris, for all your help and tolerance to my many green questions :P Really appreciate you guys.


Kamigoroshi said...

Not a problem. I didn't pay for mine, then again, I'm not really anonymous either so it's fine by me. :)

Looking good so far. :)

Paris said...

Yay!! You did it! :D Off to change my blogrolls now! :D

Timodee said...

Congrats on your own dot com babes.
Just make sure you're not spending too much time in front of the screens; beware the headaches. Kiss kiss

Tine said...

Kamigoroshi: Thanks very much for your help, mate. Yeah, figured I'd better fork out that lil' extra (I know I don't have ads to cover the cost, but no biggie), for my peace of mind :)

Paris: Hehehe, yep, finally did it! Gonna check out webhosts now, gotta get that done too :P

Timodee: Thanks, dear :D I'll try not to dig out my eyes ;)

beetrice said...


I've been thinking of getting my own hosted domain as well, but I think I'll leave it till I have a bit more time to fiddle around with the details.. ;)

pablopabla said...

Woohhoooo!!! Liberation from the blogspot domain! I do like this template though...very classy!

Tine said...

Beetrice: Hehe thanks.

You can always get your own domain first, continue to host it on Blogger before you move on to your own host. At least, 'chup' the name first ;)

Pablopabla: Hi hi thanks! :D Well, I'm not exactly liberated yet; I AM still being hosted by Blogger ;) Bit by bit lah ... I'll tear away soon enough ;)

Blogger said...

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