April 23, 2007

Tax Returns? Check!

Finally gotten my tax returns sorted out today. Yep, my money's going into the "send Malaysians to space to make teh tarik for the Russians" fund. Well, if not, then I'm sure it's going to some hare-brained scheme's the government's coming up with. Anyways, at least that's done and over with. Went to two banks and the post office to get my stuff sorted out. Don't have to do so much banking stuff for at least a few months. Yay :)

So, oh citizens of Boleh-land, remember to file your tax returns before the end of April now. Don't leave it to the last minute like yours truly. And rest assured that our beloved government will put your hard-earned money to very good use.


Henry Leong said...

Beautiful flower

Tine said...

Henry: Hi there, thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked it :)