April 13, 2007

Gonna Be One Packin' Weekend

The weekend's almost here. Well, it'll be here for me in 10 minutes. Counting down now. Hehe.

Not much going on for me for the weekend. Gonna mostly stay home and do a LOT of unpacking. The six remaining unpacked boxes sitting my in my room are driving me up the wall. My room ain't that big; imagine waking up at 6 every morning, walking to your door in the dark, and end up stubbing your big toe on the boxes (ouch!). Plus the mess irritates me; I can't stand having my floorspace taken up unnecessarily. I'm starting to feel a tad claustrophobic in my room. o_0

Hoping to do a bit of shopping on Sunday. Need to buy storage boxes, cases just to store the extra stuff from Japan. Why can't we have an IKEA here in Penang? At least I'll be able to get nice storage boxes which doesn't look like a kid just crayoned all over his papier-mâchéd chest (the box, not the human part) or something.

White Box

Brown Box

I reckon the next time I head to IKEA in KL, I'm getting myself a nice chest (again, the box, not extra bosoms, although goodness knows I could use more of those). Gonna put it at the foot of the bed, with the plaid throw I bought from Scotland over it. Aww ... nice :)


Wooden Chest

Well ... it's going to be a weekend of unpacking and spring-cleaning for me. Hope yours is more interesting.

Happy TGIF and Friday the 13th, people.


Paris Beaverbanks said...

You can get some pretty boxes from elsewhere, not just Ikea. I remember in Gurney Plaza basemet near cold storage there is some shop selling weird Japanese stuff including pretty DIY boxes. IMHO Ikea is just overpriced stuff. They have great ideas but I just steal their ideas and look elsewhere. But gotta admit that some items can be affordable. Anyway happy unpacking and Happy weekend!

rythmduel said...

Cute, nice, lovely blog, Tine. Regards from Spain.