December 13, 2008

Conversations with Mee

Note: Mee is what I call my mum. Apparently when I was very young, I couldn't be arsed to call her MUMMY, so I shortened it to Mee. I call my dad Dee too.

Me: Good Lord, that's a lot of crap you have on your dressing table. And most of them are skincare items too. Do you actually use all of 'em?

Mee: Yep.

Me: So how many products do you use for your daytime and night time skincare regime?

Mee: About 5 for the day, and 6-7 for the night. I sometimes change to a different product.

Me: Seriously, do they work? Have you seen any improvement on your skin?

Mee: Nope.

Me: Then why do you still use them?! Aiyoh, what a waste of money!

Mee: Do you notice any deterioration on my face? Any more new spots?

Me: Err, no.

Mee: Then THAT is an improvement. At my age, as long as it doesn't go 'down', I'm happy.

A lesson from my mum. At, err, 50-something (she will kill me if I reveal her age), don't look for improvements. Just make sure that things don't get any worse.


giddy tigress said...

Oh dear me...I too use some products for the sake of ummm.. "maintenance" :P

PB said...

I call my parents Mee and Dee too! :D Mom's sometimes my guinea pig for skincare stuff coz her skin's more resilient LOL

Kok said...

I thought you talk to noodles. haha!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Hahaha! I'm with Kok there. I was like "Noodles talk?"

phingy said...

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pelf said...

I call my Mum "Mee" too! :D

I never questioned whether Mum's skincare products worked, and she never stopped questioning why I refused to use more than the basic wash-toner-moisturizer stuff, LOL.

Anonymous said...

words that run along sentences to do with 'age' are 'preserve' and 'grace'. so that tells us to make effort to maintain ourselves in any way we choose :)

Albie said...


That explain the 10-12 beauty products on YOUR table the last time I checked :P