December 31, 2008

So Loved

A wonderful surprise came in the mailbox for me just two days before Christmas. I was almost in tears when I saw this, for it was a very beautifully handmade scrapbook by one of my dearest friends, MC.

Scrapbook by MC 1

She made this for me, and also for another girlfriend of ours, Hester. Oh the mischief the three of us would get into. How I've missed it. And missed them more.

Scrapbook by MC 2

Scrapbook by MC 3

Scrapbook by MC 4

Scrapbook by MC 5

Scrapbook by MC 6

Suffice to say, it was one of the best presents I've ever received. Nothing beats something lovingly handmade just for you.

Thanks dearie :)


jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!

2009 Fireworks show

beetrice said...

omigosh...that's simply adorable!! i can't imagine how much time she must've spent on it.. :)

in the end, it's all about the memories isn't it? just looking at the photos you took of it is giving me a twinge of nostalgia..

pelf said...

Aww... I can get teary-eyed too, if I knew somebody had just spent so much time and effort to make me a hand-made gift :D

Kyels said...

Wow, it's really beautiful! I'd be in tears if someone gave me that ... Seriously.


Kyels said...



ANGE said...

OMG that scrap book is soooo sweet! :)
What a thoughtful friend!

ghenessa said...

it is really beautiful how lucky you are, you have a friend that is very thoughtful. you are so blessed

giddy tigress said...

That scrap book is SO precious! Takes a lot of time, effort and LOVE!