December 24, 2008

Snip Snip

For the first time ever, I cut someone's hair today. My husband's to be specific. He needed a trim real badly, and asked me if I'd like to cut his hair for him.


And it was not just a trim at the nape, mind you. It was snipping and cutting of layers and layers of hair on his entire head. I was so apprehensive that I had to have a drink first. A cocktail in the bathroom (that was where I did the deed), just to calm my nerves.

Thirty minutes later, Tim emerged with a much fresher look. Granted the layers weren't exactly measured to the millimetre to match, but I reckon I did a pretty good job :)

Now, does anybody need me to cut their hair for them? Veli cheap only!

Update: Ooops, and I forgot to add this. I did it with a pair of kitchen scissors (no, not the one actually used in our kitchen). How 'bout that? ;)


Anonymous said...

Scary thoughts... to think that u always wanted to trim my eyebrows...


charmedcookie said...

a unique christmas present for the hubby? ;)

littleComma said...

Wow, that says alot about how much Tim trusts you. :)

I would never have this honour with my hubby. Haha ..