December 19, 2008

Ladybug on PJs


This little fella was crawling on Tim's pajama pants when it was hung outside to dry. I don't think I've ever seen a ladybug this close up. I detest critters, and I was pretty apprehensive when going so close to it with the camera.

Glad I caught this though (the photo, not the bug). Pretty, isn't it?


PB said...

I detest critters too but I like ladybugs for some reason. The markings on that one looks different though. I'm used to the polka dotted ones. Still, good shot!

Kyels said...

It's pretty! Been such a long time since I last saw one ... Thanks for sharing.


geekchic said...

Ehehehe. The Dr wears flannel PJs aye? Aehehhehehe :D

Kok said...

That's a great shot! It's very tough to take a photo of a bug.

Next time, you should try taking a photo of a fast moving mosquito. :P