December 07, 2008

That Is Uniquely Melbourne

So here I am, on a chilly but sunny Sunday morning, sipping my cup of hot Milo (aren't they the best?) whilst doing me laundry (it's cheaper to do it on weekends), and stumbling sites, just like another day. Tim's on call again today, but I've had my share of walking around the city all of yesterday, so I'm having a quiet day in.

On a whim, Tim and I hopped on to the train to the city yesterday and decided to become tourists of the day. Y'know, wearing shorts, tee-shirt, pik-piak slippers and sporting a huge camera around the neck, that sort of thing. Walking through small alleyways, hopping on the tram to the Waterfront City, getting caught in the rain (without any pina coladas).

Ferrero Rocher at Melbourne Central Station
Ferrero Rocher Display at Melbourne Central Station (and no, I don't think those are actual choccies hanging from the ceiling)

Christmas Decor at Bourke St Mall
Christmas decorations along Bourke Street Mall

Royal Arcade
Inside The Royal Arcade

Graffiti at Union Place
Graffiti at Union Place

Flinders Street
Flinders St


Docklands Pier

Melbourne Eye
The Melbourne Eye (any difference to the Eye on Malaysia?)

Degraves Street
Degraves Street

All these simply reminded me of how much I'm loving Melbourne now, and that I see it as home. Even with its unpredictable weather.


jemima said...

I'm supposed to be there this month but I couldn't leave... (you know why).

I really miss Melbourne.. heaps.

pelf said...

I don't have to go to Melbourne to like it there. For some reasons I prefer to be among ang mohs.


Kok said...

I miss Melbourne! I wish I could go there another time...

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

They have Milo in Aussie? THANK GOD!!

Jules said...

Aah..can't help but miss Melb a tad bit when I look at these photos. Having said that, you will never believe it but I manage to get a 5 year extension to my PR! So the doors to go back Oz has opened up again, but this time without time limits and with good planning!

may said...

oh..good shots!