December 03, 2008

Tis The Season

Christmas decorations in the city are up. Not too lavish, a tree on Swanston Walk, lights along Bourke St Mall, small decorations here and there, that sorta thing. Carols sung by Bing Crosby playing in shops. Kids walking around with paper antlers on their heads.

It's not like Christmas in Japan. And I'm glad, because in Japan, it's such a commercial season, it's like someone vomited Christmas all over the place. Apparently the words "less is more" is lost to 'em Japs.

Christmas in the summer heat isn't too different from Malaysia, although I do miss our overly decorated 6-feet fake tree back at my parents' home. We're not getting a tree just yet, not this year, not when we don't have a place of our own.

I can't wait till we have our own tree though. Nothing spells Christmas like a tacky, over-decorated tree on a 30C day. It reminds me of home.

It's just 21 sleeps to Christmas. The countdown begins.

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jemima said...

I always love the christmas windows at Myers Bourke St Mall.