December 20, 2008

Help Me Crap Money

A trip to Tiffany's and Co today, pushing past the massive crowds coming out of the store with bags and bags of blue boxes with red (just 'cos it's Christmas) ribbons, no doubt housing some very expensive trinkets, got me thinking.

Sweet Lord, do these people crap money?

And if they do, what do I need to do in order for $$$ to come out of whatever orifice I have?


Mirebella said...

Gen Y-ers think for today. So what if there isnt any money left for next month/savings.. Life is to be enjoyed innit? Worse case scenario - work at Safeways/move back home ;)

T & Co isn't that expensive here anyways - you can get a nice silver trinket for less that $300 (just dont convert!) :)

geekchic said...

Eh when you figure out how to crap money, teach me too. You didn't blog of our trip to Chanel?*weeps*

the Constantly Dramatic One said...



littleComma said...

If Sweet Lord ever responded to you, can you share with me too, Tine?