May 17, 2007

Back Up Your Blog

A blogging tip to share with you folks today - back up your blog.

If you've been blogging for quite some time now, imagine your horror and huge disappointment if, one day, some bugger were to hack into your account and delete your precious writing. You know how common that is nowadays. I don't know about you, but I'd definitely wanna kill someone if two years of my writing were to disappear in a flash, WITHOUT any means of retrieving my past work. You know when to back up your stuff in your PC. Don't forget about your blog too.

There are couple of ways to back up your work. The simplest method would be to save your archives, month by month, by saving the webpages into either HTML webpages, or, select everything, copy and paste into your word processor.

Or, if you're a lazy bugger like me, you might want to try something a little more automated. I've been using HTTrack Website Copier ever since I went past my 1-year mark of blogging. Just add your blog(s) as a project, enter the URL, and after a few clicks, let the software run on its own. It will save everything for you. Easy-peasy eh?

Blog Backup

HTTrack Website Copier is not so much of a blog backup tool, than it is an offline browser utility. You can download the contents of entire websites from the Internet to a local directory for offline viewing. Simply open a page of the mirrored website in your browser and browse the site link by link as if you were viewing it online.

Blog Backup 2

Do give it a go. It's free, which is great, as I'm a sucker for freebies (I can't say the same for the actual blog backup softwares available; I have yet to find one which is free). I'm paranoid, so I back up my blog once every two days. Once a week should do very nicely. Of course, remember to back up the ... err ... back up too :)

Click here to download.


Gallivanter said...

Yeah, we tend take things for granted. I try to back up at least twice a month. :-)

Paris said...

eeps! i never do :P to be honest i don't know how and i don't know how to reinstall if it really dies or something

Tine said...

Gallivanter: Yeah me too. Well, I actually only run to my PC to back up my stuff AFTER I hear someone's PC crashed lar, blog kena hacked lar, etc :P

Paris: Wahh ini macam, you better back up lor. Or else damn wasted nia, all your writings for all your blogs (choi! *ptui ptui*) :p