May 09, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blog

I was just checking my blog archives, and realised, that four days ago, was my blog's birthday! Yep, it marked the 2nd year of my filling this web journal with blurbs of my life. And my, how it has grown.

Happy birthday, blog
It's supposed to be TWO candles lah

How quickly time goes by. This place sure has undergone many changes, from the day I wrote my first post, till now. I remembered writing about my excitement (which turned into incredible homesickness) of being in Japan. I remembered crying over my keyboard when I wrote about my failed relationship (although I didn't fill it with the details, but bit by bit, I poured out my heartbreak).

I remembered writing about the vacations I took, to get over that tough period, and how broke I became after splurging on myself. I remembered going public for the very first time, with the worry that people aren't going to like reading my blog. Worry that my previous anonymity would finally be stripped away, and strangers would finally "see" me. I remembered feeling happy and excited when I made my first blogger-pal, and with that, having a steady stream of loyal readers and friends. I remembered the sense of appreciation and gladness that my hard work here did not go to waste.

I remembered being on my condescending high horse about how a blog should and should not look like, etc. I remembered being thoroughly humbled when my blog (and my personality) was viciously taken apart by utter strangers when I sent it in for a review. I remembered feeling betrayed by the people of whom I was such a loyal fan of. I remembered telling myself that I would never judge another blog again, and that every blog is unique. And they are.

I remembered falling in love with the man whom I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I remembered writing about it here, with such anticipation and quick beating of my heart when I told the world that I love him. And they rejoiced with me when I told them we were getting married.

I remembered finally buying my own domain for the blog, getting my own dot com. I remembered my excitement when that dot com went public without any problems. I remembered all the help I received when I asked for it, in building my own place. Help given by people who do not know me, yet helped unconditionally.

This blog has seen me through the best and worst times of my life. It has become a big part of my life, not because it's only a journal, but with the journal, came the friends whom I made.

So happy (belated) birthday, oh blog. You were a project which turned into something more profound. I'm glad I did not give you up, even though there were times when I wanted to. May you be filled with many more words to come.

To my readers, thank you for sticking with me. I would not have lasted this long if not for you.


Jemima said...

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday to Tine's blog.

My blog's 1st birthday is coming up. :p

pablopabla said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Contemplations! Phoar! You are older than all of me!

zeroimpact said...

Happy belated birthday to this blog

Kok said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your blog! Do continue writing. You have a nice blog here!:)

Merv Kwok said...

I'm a bit late but, happy bday to your blog =)

Tine said...

Aww thanks for all the greetings, folks. Muchas appreciated :D

Parisb said...

Late but happy birthday! I hope I last as long as you do :) And we've loved having a peep into your life. Thanks for sharing!

Kleio the Muse said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

I adore heartfelt blog post like this. This is what makes a blog special I guess. To let the readers feel how you feel inside. To draw them in with your heartfelt words. Letting glimpses of your character shone in it. Precious.

You do have a great blog here. May there be many more words to come. You've made it (your blog) special.

beetrice said...

Hyuk hyuk...Happy Belated Bloggie Birthday!!

It's a nice feeling to be able to celebrate a blog birthday...mine's hitting three sometime next month (I think)

Keep those posts coming!!