May 07, 2007


Gosh, I need exercise (I know, my complaints about this never end. Sigh). It doesn't seem as though I've put on weight (that's it, the stupid bathroom scale must be rosak), but the fat on my hips and *gasp and shudder* flab (it's in abundance, people!) are getting a lot worse.


I can't seem to get off my ass to the gym even though it's so near my house. I should be on a diet and keeping fit and all that with the upcoming wedding, dontcha think? Oh no, I seemed to be shoving more food into my never-closing mouth :(

This is not good, people. So not good. I HAVE to stop eating.

I need a self-shovel, if there's such a thing, to exercise. Okay okay, I shall go jogging this evening, after work *fingers crossed at the back*. I HAVE to stop putting it off. Have to, have to *mumbling to self*


I have 10 lbs to lose before the wedding. Have to bertekad. Where can I go to hypnotise myself to hate junk food and love rabbit food? Gah.


Paris said...

Do you have access to a pool? I found swimming works best for me. Partly because I don't like getting all sweaty :p In swimming, I get wet all over so ok la. When I was swimming about 2-3 times a week, I was doing ok. So i should get back to that :P Or try taking up yoga or something low impact. I find that works best for me.

And don't just lose weight for the wedding la. You'll look great anyway! :D

Jemima said...

You can do it, girl! ;)