May 01, 2007

Long Weekend's Officially Over

Ahh ... after a nice 4-day weekend, it's time to go back to work tomorrow. Ugh. A lot of people are on holiday tomorrow, because of the dual-event of a holiday today (Labour Day and Wesak Day). I had mine replaced on Monday instead, so it's back to the office for me.

Still, it isn't too bad. I reckon I'm quite well rested. Didn't sleep all that much, but just resting at home. Did a bit of spring-cleaning of my room, went for a facial (a free one at Kanebo, courtesy of Mum's free-facial voucher), did some shopping (yeah the shopping mall is crazy packed today; it was such a feat searching for a parking space) ... yep, all in all, it was a good weekend indeed.

On the bright side of having to go back to work, it's a 3-day week! Hehe :p

Okay, post-holiday resolutions (yeah, it's my thing. If only I actually keep 'em):
  • Spend less from now on (oh God, I need the strength for this)
  • Eat less (I ate like a cow over the weekend)
  • EXERCISE!! (to get rid of the weight gained from eating like a cow)

So, how was your weekend?


Kok said...

Wow, at least you get a 4 days weekend. How I wish I can have just 2 days of break. Then I'll be the happiest person on earth!:)

Pink Elle said...

Don't you love the facials at Kanebo? I always come out feeling so clean and refreshed with nicer skin! Not sure if the Kanebo outlets in Penang are very different from the Bangsar one.

Tine said...

Kok: Hehehe ... yeah well, it's a blessing, really. Too bad the holiday replacement wasn't on Wednesday. Or else I'd have taken Monday off, and have 5 days away from the office! :p

Pink elle: Oh yeah, definitely. The Kanebo Salon at Gurney Plaza (not the one at Parkson) is very classy. It's not just the facials you're paying for, but the relaxing, CLEAN ambiance as well. Best is that the facialist do not yak your head off, pushing products etc, but let you rest. Now THAT is service, my friend ;)