May 21, 2007

Weekend Of Packing, TBS And Borders

Oooh five more days before I leave for Melbourne. Gosh, I'm excited! I started packing a little yesterday. Man, I have a lot of stuff to bring. Shipping my life there sikit demi sikit; it's quite an exhilarating feeling. Bringing some of my winter woolies to keep there, which takes up quite a lot of space in my luggage. Anyhoos, I'm doing this little by little, so that I won't be too rushed when I do my final packing on Friday.

So ... how was your weekend? Tagged along my mum to Gurney Plaza on Saturday, 'cos there's the annual The Body Shop (TBS) sale which mum's a fan of. Bee texted me on Friday night to let me know of their annual sale (thanks girl!) and once I told mum, well, it's an all hell break loose kinda thing.

There was a crazy amount of people at the Body Shop, with discounts from 10% to 70%, and an additional 10% discount for TBS members. I'm okay with their stuff; I guess after being in the UK for three years and knowing that I'll definitely be paying more than UK prices for TBS stuff, kinda turns me off buying TBS products in Malaysia. It's sad that TBS Malaysia only holds their sales annually; sales are often in TBS UK. Anyone remembered their 1 pound sales? Now THAT, is seriously worth my waking up at dawn, and queuing up at the entrance for the shops to open, so that I can get the best deals. My coveted makeup brush set only cost 1 pound per brush. No kidding! The good brushes too, not the dodgy kind. Anyhoos, suffice to say, my damage for the day was about 5% of mum's :p

Sunday was spent at Queensbay at Borders. I love that bookstore; love the fact that there are nice comfy seats for you to rest your tired feet on with a book, love it that the sales assistants do not look at you one kind when you're flipping through the pages of a book and NOT buy it, love it that it's nice and spacious (something that Popular Bookstore should learn to do). With a cup of Starbuck's caramel macchiato, I spent over an hour enjoying a book I bought.

Borders Spoils
My spoils of the day.

I just love buying tax-deductible items, don't you? ;)


ParisB said...

Oh my! Looks like everyone and their mother went to the Body Shop sale except me! :O hehe... and I'm excited for you to be moving down under too :) Now I know who to hit up for a night on the floor in Melb if I need it! :)

Tine said...

Paris: Hehehe ... come come! :P I need pals there ;)

Jemima said...

I'm definitely going to see you when I'm in Melbourne & we're going SHOPPING!!! :p

Gallivanter said...

Melbourne, arguably the best city to live in, apart from Toronto. :-)

Tine said...

Jemima: Ooooooh kia kia!! I want! You can bring me to all the good good places. YAY!! :p

Gallivanter: So far, I have no problems lah with Melbourne, but then again, I've only been there once, for a week! :P

Misery said...

Never been a fan of body shop. Quality is kinda disappointing for what you pay, compared to other brands.

Can't wait for you to get here. Shame you're only down for two weeks, and most of the time, not even in Melb itself!! Ah well, plenty of time to cover the city later on I guess ;)

Now, all I need is to get Chin and Dor to move over..Wans is already in NZ...close!

TrueBluePenangite said...

Misery and Tine: I am really thinking about it. Once Australia starts using PAs, I'll be able to get a job. Right now, we're looking to stay in the US or UK. But it'll be so nice if we all can live in the same city.

Tine said...

Misery: No worries, girl, I think when I'm actually there for good, you will be thinking of ways to get RID of me :p

I know! Get everyone over. I need all my best pals with me!! :D

Truebluepenangite: Australia doesn't use PAs? Must ask Tim. But seriously, if you do get to work there, do go over too. OMG, I'm so excited just thinking about it!!