May 12, 2007

Pudding Hair & School Shoes

Ahh the weekend begins. Well, technically it began yesterday, and since today's almost over, I have about a little more than a day left of the weekend. Aww man.

Got coerced by Mum to go accompany her to the hair salon in the morning. Thought I'd give my hair colour a bit of a do-over too. I had what the Japanese ladies would call "pudding hair". Y'know, dark on top, light at the bottom, resembling pudding? Yeah, I had that when I was in Japan and they just couldn't stop calling me a pudding. They'd better just be referring to my hair, and not my body size. Anyhoos, it's a nice dark red-brown now. All I need now is just a bit of time to get rid of the chemical smell on my hair :(

Nothing much during the day, except TV and oh yeah, washing my sneakers. Man, I think the last time I actually washed a pair of shoes was in uni, when I was still wearing sneakers! Golly. When was the last time you washed your sneakers? :p Speaking of sneakers, I was at Fila last week, and they actually sold white sneakers as school shoes for kids. Fila as school shoes!! Aiyo, when I was in school, all I had were Pallas Jazz! (cheapest of the range, easiest to wash ... BEST!) Kids these days, so very the lucky. Velcro-ed shoes some more! Tsk tsk tsk.

Annyywaays, that's my Saturday almost gone. How did you spend yours?

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