May 03, 2007

A Niche, And A Post Filler

Have you ever had the feeling you've run out of things to talk about? Well, in my case, to blog about. Today's one of those days.

I've been reading a lot of blogs on blogging, and all of them point to one important point - find a niche, and stick to it. When I look at mine, I realised I don't have one. I mean, it's not specifically about beauty products review, it's not specifically about music, it's not specifically about travel ... you get the picture. I've come to the point where I was simply blasting out anything under the sun. To be honest, this makes me doubt the blog's credibility.

I reckon my niche is "everything under the sun". I don't think there's such a thing, but I guess I'd have to start several other blogs to accommodate different topics of discussion, e.g. a beauty blog (I was actually contemplating on starting one) or something, but I wouldn't want to start something I may not have the time to give it its deserved attention. Hangat-hangat tahi ayam-ness is a weakness of mine.

Golly, am I even making sense here? Guess it's just one of those days where I'm trying to find a purpose in everything I'm doing, starting with this blog. I reckon my brain's on autopilot after the long weekend.

There ya go. A post filler for today, where I just ranted three paragraphs of unsubstantial nonsense. Everything under the sun, people. This includes rubbish.


Paris said...

Having a niche blog has its problems too. Some things can't be pigeonholed. Honestly, if you aren't going for readership and high pr and all that jazz, keep your blog how you like it. After all you are the one who must love it first before anyone else can :)

Kok said...

for me, your blog is sort of a personal blog. Actually I love the way you blog. You blog about your life, you blog about the things you like, you blog about everything! Your blog is lovely anyway.:)

Tine said...

Paris: Yeah I so agree with you. Anyhoos, now that I have one, I'm finally complete! :P

Kok: Aww thanks for the lovely words. I do talk about anything under the sun, which some people might find boring. But what the hey :P