May 17, 2007

The Office Air Is Toxic

Dear Boss,

Re: The Office Air Is Toxic

I would like to highlight the above subject to your attention.

A couple of weeks ago, for some reason, the air in the office must have changed because I started to sneeze at an alarming rate (my dear colleagues commented on my bulbous nose). Yet, when I leave the office, my sneezes ceased, even though my room is air-conditioned.

The air has finally brought enough germs to knock me out for a couple of days, and when I was finally back at the office, my nose is thoroughly blocked, and I am now making "dumplings" ("pao wan tan", so to speak) on my desk, much to the chagrin and disgust of my dear colleagues. Yet, when I leave the office to pop to the loo, my nose becomes clear, and I am able to breathe again. When I returned to the office, all starts again.

I now have sufficient evidence (please see my red, bulbous nose, and "dumplings" on my desk, which I have kept for your perusal) to suggest that the air in the office is indeed toxic to me. To avoid an impending lawsuit from me to you due to the toxic air and from environmental activists to me for killing the trees to wrap the 'dumplings' with tissue, I suggest we settle this like man and woman. Before you perceive any funny ideas, I meant that there is nothing a good two-week break would not help to, shall I say, clear the air.

Thank you for giving my suggestion due consideration.

Your ever-faithful employee,

PS: Whaddya think? I should so send it in, dontcha think? :p


Paris said...

actually i'd say a talk with your boss is in order coz they may not have serviced the aircon. also warn it might be contagious and see them bounce into action hehe

Tine said...

Paris: Yeah ... that sounds like the ticket. Unfortunately hoh, no one else kena like me yet, so I'm *ahem* waiting to spread the "love" a little further, and THEN only bring on the evidence. Hehehe :P

niel said...


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rheiboy17 said...

haha! this is funny! dumplings ey!
you may send the letter and make your boss laugh out loud in the office....

(seriously, its better to address your concern face-to-face :)

hey, i've placed you in my linkin park. hope you dont mind. will definitely visit your blog often.

Tine said...

Rheiboy17: Nah, it was just a simple flu, that's all. If the air really was toxic, methinks everyone else will kena liao :p

Thanks for the linky, and hope to see you again :)