May 18, 2007

Linky love for 18 May 2007

I have over 50 bookmarked blogs which I read everyday (can somebody say "ADDICT!"?). Most of the blogs I read have very good content, and I thought, hey, it'd be good to share some of these links with everyone. Who knows, you might get hooked like I did. Never a bad thing to learn something new, I say. Also, it's good to *ahem* share some good linky love, eh? ;)

What I'd do is share 5 good posts of the week every Friday, just before the weekend begins. How's that?

For starters, here's my first 5.
  • How Not to become a Grumpy Old Blogger - Daniel Rowse (good one, especially for those who do not think they're good enough to be recognised by the blogosphere)
  • Support Spyware Terminator - 5xmom (yeah okay, I know this is a sponsored post (I think), which isn't really my kinda thing, but I'm glad she brought the FREE (oooh I love this word) software to my attention, because ol' paranoid me can't get enough of spyware killers in my notebook :p)
  • Online FLV to AVI/MOV/MP4/3GP/MP3 Converter - Blog is Everything (I can finally save my favourite Youtube movies. Woot!)
  • - Anthonette (she makes good FREE (ahh, there's the word again) wallpaper, which is real purty. Support!)
  • Do Not Apologize for the Lack of Posts - Daily Blog Tips (something I think we're all guilty of, to a certain degree. This is, of course, to individual blogger's discretion)

PS: By the way, I do not expect to be linked back, or link exchanged, or whatever you call it these days. Just a lil' somethin' somethin' to share, that's all.


Paris said...

Yay more blogs to read! :) Thanks said...

Tks for the link and yeah, Spyware Terminator is good. Now I can get rid of that stupid Norton that comes with my new laptop.

Tine said...

Paris: Hehehe, thought it might tickle your fancy ;)

5xmom: Hi hi!

Yeah, Norton's rubbish actually. They charge a bundle for it, yet slows the computer down significantly. There are so many other freewares out there which does the same job, which uses a lot less memory.

rheiboy17 said...

thanks for the links. more blogs to read.

on norton, i agree, it slows the computer to like - snail pace at times, makes me doubt if the stuff works. sigh