January 24, 2007

Bad Breakfast, Good Exercise

I just have to say,

Bad Breakfast

Ugh ... my stomach's still churning from the breakfast this morning :(

On another note, I finally returned to my aerobics sessions. I used to attend workout sessions twice a week with a couple of girlfriends, but after our gym membership expired, so did our resolutions. I finally went back to proper exercise after FOUR months of slacking. Tsk tsk tsk. I was like a lumbering fool in the class; my muscles (or lackof) were so stiff, I couldn't stretch properly. But the feeling after a good workout session's fantastic. It's a great way to eat less for dinner, 'cos you wouldn't want your strenuous workout to go to waste.

Next session's on Thursday. If I can still manage to walk, that is.


zeroimpact said...

Go and exercise
It will go you good
I can't remember when was my last time other than walking

Jemima said...

I'm going back to my yoga.
After being away for a month in OZ, I slacked off.. but I did lotz of walking.
These days, I even take the stairs instead of the elevator. :p

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Hehehe, yeps, thou shalt go forth and exercise *lol*

Jemima:It's been almost a year since I've done yoga. I used to go for classes, but it wasn't much fun doing it alone, so I stopped.

It's good to take other alternatives in order to burn a few calories. I do the same too :P (well, a measly consolation for not exercising properly, hehe)

Kleio said...

But Muesli + Milk = One of my favorite food
Especially love the type of muesli which comes with dried fruits... nuts aren't so bad too.

I think for constant or consistent gym visitation, one would need a discipline fellow workout partner to give us the much needed support and encouragement. It would be waayy to lonely to go on our own. Yoga’s a great choice helps to relax the body and mind plus tone up the body. And you don’t really need someone to accompany you on this :D – but that’s only my own two cents.

Tine said...

Kleio: Oh I do agree, but that particular muesli added with little milk (yeah, my mistake, should have added a lot more milk), it was lumpy (macam tak basah, tak kering) ... it was bad lah :P

Too bad my friends couldn't join me because of bad timing. The thing is, at least one of your friends who joins you for workouts have to be consistent him/herself. If all of us are lazy buggers, then the excuses for NOT going would seem very reasonable :)

I tried out yoga for a month. It was pretty good. I have a good mind to continue.