January 15, 2007

Mind Your Language

Does anybody remember the 1977 sitcom "Mind Your Language"?

Mind Your Language

By a stroke of luck, I managed to get "The Best of Mind Your Language" DVDs today. I've only watched the first disc, and I was already in tears of laughter. Who could forget the prim and proper Miss Courtney (Zara Nutley) who goes all high-pitched, "Missstteerr Brrroowwwwnnnn!!" Or Taro's (Robert Lee) constant bowing, "Ahh so"? Or the incessantly patriotic Chinese, Su Lee (Pik-Sen Lim, who was, incidentally, born in Penang), who goes on and on about Chairman Mao?

Anyways, is it just me, or is Barry Evans (who played Mr Brown, the English teacher. He died of alcohol poisoning in 1997) really cute? Well, in a nerdy sort of way.

Gotta return to my DVDs now. A thousand apologies.

Tee hee hee!


zeroimpact said...

Oh my, oh my
where did you get that DVD
I can't forget about this show
It's by far the most wanted show on my list
They are really hillarious

Anonymous said...

itz rockz...cest funniest. now on DVD? must BUY!!!

Arth said...

Wow, i remember watching 'Mind Your Language' during my younger days. It's a winner!
Would love to watch it again. :)

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: It's ... err ... not what you call an original copy lah. I was scouring the shops, and to my utter delight, I actually found it! WITH subtitles and all that too (proper ones some more). Unfortunately, the DVDs are very rare, only 2 copies per shop or something. A great find indeed.

freelunch2020: I agree heartily. Cest funniest indeed ;)

arth: Yeah, I remembered watching in on our family's super old telly, and it cracked me up BIG time :)

Miss Positive said...

Oh my....you're lucky to have found the DVDs! I wonder if other CD shops have them too.

I really liked this sitcom. Tremendously hilarious. They used to show it on TV2 when I was a small girl. I started to miss this show when I read your post. *sniffs*

Yeah, Mr Brown is cute, so cute and funny. I like the parts where the French girl, (Danielle is it?) always tries to flirt with him! Haha!

Anyways, enjoy your show! I'm so jealous. =)

beetrice said...

hahaha...I got the "Mind Your Language" Season 1 & 2 on DVD a couple of months back...just watching Danielle and Ingrid fighting it out for Mr Brown's attention was just hilarious!

Don't miss the episode where Mr Brown and Anna Schmidt arrange to get married just so she won't be deported!! :p

RyeUrn said...

I wrote about the series back in August when I got my hands on the (I suspect) same DVD pack hahaha.

Right from episode 1 I couldn't help laughing already. But imagine where this series would stand in today's politically correct world. It would be blamed racist I should think.

Tine said...

Miss Positive: Hi hi, thanks for dropping by. Do check out the CD shops. You never know, you might just hit the jackpot like me! :P

Hehehe, yeah, that's Danielle alright, always flirting with Mr Brown. It was even funnier when she had to fight for his attention with Ingrid, the Swedish student :P

Beetrice: Ooooh yeah, I think I do have that episode too! Don't tell, don't tell, I'm gonna watch it soon :P

Ryeurn: Read your post on it, and found out that the actress playing Su-Lee's from Penang. I do agree with you; in the 80s, it would have been a really funny show without prejudice. But I don't think it'd be suitable to be shown now, especially with the racism problems going on. There were plenty of racist jokes in that show, which was, perhaps, acceptable at that time.

Paris Beaverbanks said...

OMG I love love love that series and I think it was actually the exaggerated race stereotypes that really made it funny. I remember going to the UK and buying coffee at the cafeteria for 50p or 1 pound and I thought - It was only 10p in Mind your Language!! I think its probably my first introduction to the English, other than through Enid Blyton.

Tine said...

Paris B: Hahahaha, OMG, you're so right! Coffee's only 10p! Drats, how ripped off we were *grin*

Cheesey Poo said...

"You stupid Pakistani chapati!" I guess MYL would be classified as a racist show now, but it was really good harmless fun and the exaggeration of the stereotypes was the key to the laughter.

Anonymous said...

hi. i am downloading the show at the moment and would very much like to ask for a favour, por favor sil vous plait :-)

i cant find the subtitles anywhere. could u please be kind enough to upload the subtitles somewhere.?

i would very much appreciate it. it was a great show. and it was sad about mr brown. (his death)


anu_foolonthehill said...

haha, I had no idea Pik Sen-Lim was actually Malay by birth!

I found Barry Evans ADORABLE as well.. watched reruns of MYL religiously through the 90s, and at a store today, I (miraculously) found a boxed set.. All 4 seasons! Super excited :)