January 09, 2007

Bag Junkies, I Give You The Bag Snob

As y'all know, I'm a real bag junkie. You think I'm nuts for having over 20 pairs of shoes? Try doubling (or tripling) that, and you'll get the amount of bags I have. I'm truly blessed and thankful for my designer bags as they were all gifts. I just don't have the heart to fork out that much money simply for a bag. No, no, the bags were not from rich boyfriends. They were mostly courtesy of my mum and aunt. If left to me, I'd be buying fake LVs and Chanels (which I have, by the way *grin*).

Anyways, I'm pimping a new website today, which I happened to find when I was checking out Paris B's site. It's called The Bag Snob (hover your mouse over the link to check it out), and the bags shown there are simply to-die-for (i.e. you have to slice off your body parts to sell in order to get 'em, it's THAT expensive). I have NEVER browsed a particular site, gasped, shrieked, oohed and aahed that much before. Mata terbeliak, man! I'm not looking to actually get these bags, y'know; that's the whole point of a fantasy (well, this kinda fantasy anyway *wink*). Fulfill it, and it loses its edge. Not much fun to ooh and ahh anymore. But hey, I welcome all contributions ;)

Do check it out if you're a bag junkie like me. Or if you're simply curious as to why a girl needs a hundred bags. Tee hee hee.

(This is NOT a sponsored post)


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Yay! Another bag ho! lol... I love bags - they are my drug - buying one immediately makes me feel better! - unfortunately I'd had to sell some body parts for some of them... or so it feels like it hehe... cheap, ex, semua ada... well ex ones very few la. Money hard to come by these days

beetrice said...

*sigh*...yes, I'm also a 'bag-aholic'...hehe...maybe we should set up a 'Bagaholics Anonymous' society...

I'm still in LUURRRVE with my Coach bag from daddykins...teeheehee...not to mention I did some serious damage in Singapore buying another THREE bags!!

Tine said...

Paris B: True, true. Money is indeed hard to come by. That's why I can only settle for cheap bags, which can be real pretty if you know where to look :)

Beetrice: "BA" sounds like a plan :P You know what the funny thing about real and fake Coach bags is? A real Coach has the words "this bag is finely hand-crafted in China ... " inside the bag, whereas a fake Coach has the words "this bag is finely hand-crafted in the United States" *lol*

RyeUrn said...

Hellow Tine! Thanks for linking me!

By the way, I'll alert my wife about your post. Her bags are starting to invade my side of the wardrobe.

On another note, I'm impressed by the way you javascript your side bar. How do you do it? It looks so clean.

Tine said...

Ryeurn: No problemo, I appreciate your linkie too :P

Hehehe, what can I say, I can still resist clothes, or even shoes (and that's pushing it too), but bags ... wah, ini macam manyak tak boleh :P Thanks for letting your wife know. We'll start a Bagaholics Anonymous!! Tee hee hee!

About the side bar, I actually took the code from the many blogs I read. More often than not, I don't only read the entries, but also take note of how other bloggers design their blog. It's a great way to pick up HTML and CSS. Feel free to nick my code for your own :)

By the way, I think Alexis is absolutely ADORABLE!! ;)

RyeUrn said...

Clothes, shoes, bags all the same...that was the entire army that invaded my wardrobe.

I'll try to figure out the code. The 'Source' code always look different from the one that you should put into the template.

And thanks. Alexis is indeed adorable...but she is SOOOOOO naughty! :)

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