January 02, 2007

A Wedding, And The New Year

As much as I enjoyed helping my friend planning her wedding, I definitely overdid it this time. Too many things to do, till I was simply stretched to the point of exhaustion up to the wedding dinner. I've decided that I shall not get myself too involved in weddings this year (Hester's my 4th). Gotta give myself a break.

The entire day went as smoothly as planned, thank God. From the preparations, picking up of the bride, tea ceremonies, plenty of luncheons (oh yeah, it was a day of a lot of eating. A typical Malaysian wedding, no doubt, hehe!), church ceremony, up to the wedding dinner. Finally, we could all breathe a good, long, sigh of relief.

Really glad that I got Monday and Tuesday off from work. A nice break with a bit of reading and television was good. Didn't do much yesterday. Went for a facial at Kanebo with mum. Pricey, yes, but the service was excellent. Will definitely go there again. Bought a pair of capris for Chinese New Year. The Giordano shop was actually playing boisterous Chinese New Year music already. Tee hee hee!

How did you spend your New Year's? Watched the fabulous display of fireworks? Par-tayed till the wee hours of the morning? Or simply like me, head dropped to the pillow just before the clock struck twelve?


Paris Beaverbanks said...

Happy New Year!! :D I love your new banner pic

Tine said...

Happy New Year, Paris! Nah, it's an old one, I just changed to a Christmassy one in December just to fit the season, hehe! :P