January 29, 2007

My Hair Ordeal

My Saturday at the hair salon was just as I expected, and remembered - long and tiring. I finally had the horrid kinks on my hair straightened, but at a price. I went to the salon prepared; I had two books with me, and a piece of cake in case it took too long.

I think, from now on, there really has to be a limit to how vain I can be. Because seriously, FIVE hours on my ass while people yank and iron my hair, and burn my scalp, really isn't worth the poker-straight hair I ended up with. I was so tired when I came home, with a splitting headache.

Hair salon
Sadly, there wasn't any cute guys at the salon, let alone 'doing' me. Drats.

The top of my head's too flat, and there's a lingering chemical odour on my hair. Methinks I'll have to wash my hair pretty often now, just to 'fluff' the top, give it more volume, and also to get rid of the bad smell.

A reason it took so long for me to get my hair done, other than the tedious process, was the large amount of customers the salon had that day. I had to wait almost an hour before I was even attended to. Big mistake in not calling in first, to check if the salon's free (10 something in the morning on a Saturday woh. Aren't people still in bed on a lazy Saturday morning? Or is that only on Sundays?). A lesson to learn - call first, no matter how early. You never know if there are more kiasu people than you.

Sigh ... will I never learn?


Jemima said...

You will learn 'cos you have learnt & you got this post to remind you.. hehe

zeroimpact said...

I guess there is a price on almost anything, almost
I thought you are not suppose to wash for at least three days?
My hairdresser... oopppssss
la la la la la

beetrice said...

Aiyor...must really see the results this CNY...

I really think its genetic...hehe...we're ALL super vain seh!! ;)

Tine said...

Jemima: Err ... see, I had a post in August reminding me of it, and that obviously didn't work, 'cos here I am, with burnt hair again. Drats :P

Zeroimpact: Nah, cannot tahan the smell leh. Also, the hair's too flat on top! Die die lah :P

Tine said...

Beetrice: Flat hair lah, girl. Ugh. Hope to wash it out a bit more to gain back some volume, before our annual family photo, hehe :P