January 22, 2007

Of Children's Clothes & A Baby Girl

Back to work on a dreary Monday morning. Despite the gloomy weather and intermittent rain (apparently the rain dance worked), it's still very humid and stiflingly warm. The electricity bill's gonna hit the roof during the next couple of months, no thanks to the heat.

Weekend wasn't too bad. Had a haircut (RM10, very cheap!). Watched a few DVDs. I also accompanied Mum to Island Plaza, which I haven't been in over a year. Nothing much has changed; it's still pretty empty, even with Metrojaya as its anchor tenant. I was at the children's section for Somerset Bay, as Mum was paying for some stuff at a nearby cashier. Too my surprise and horror, I saw dresses for girls (ages 8 to 12) for RM150 to RM200!! What the ... ?? When the hell did children's clothes become so expensive? I could get a full-length dress for MYSELF for that price! What happened to bundling children up in lampin? Hehe, yeah, I know, that's getting a tad far-fetched, but still ... Children's clothes, what a lucrative business. For a measly amount of cloth, a pretty decent design (heck, even the crappy ones cost over RM50), you can sell such clothes to parents for a nice sum. Hmmm ... *squeezing out brain juices*

Speaking of children, my heartiest congratulations to a friend (and ex-colleague), UMR, whose wife delivered a beautiful baby girl yesterday evening. Don't think he knows of my blog, but what the hey, good news is good news.


zeroimpact said...

Oh yes, kids clothes are the things, what to do when the kid starts playing tantrum.
Nowadays if you bedepak the child with a slap, the next thing you know they sue you for child abuse

beetrice said...

Have you even SEEN the stuff these kids parade around in? No need to talk about Somerset Bay, I'm wondering how good a business BABY GUESS is doing!

Geez, baby clothes...the kids'll grow out of them even faster than the 10-12yr olds...and Baby Guess retails from RM100+ upwards!

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Now you know which market to hit - the kids! Guess because nowadays parents have so few and are maybe more affluent, they spoil them rotten. I'd rather spend the RM200 on myself thankyouverymuch! LOL...

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Aiyo, if only I could bedepak the naughty ones. Many a time, I cannot blame the child, 'cos come on, look at the parents! I don't stereotype all parents, of course, for I'm sure there are good ones out there. But the ones I simply cannot tahan is when the kid's screaming bloody murder, or jumping up and down in restaurants, cinemas, etc, all the parent could do is give a helpless shrug to the public, but do absolutely NOTHING about it. Or worse, those who pretend to scold their kids, but do it while smiling at them. I mean, what the ... ?? At these times, I'd feel like bedepak-ing the parents!

Hehehe, I remembered threatening my parents with child abuse once, when I was really little, and they actually gave me the phone, and said "Ha, call lah, call lah, if you dare, call lah", while giving me an even more menacing look. I was like ... err ... what do I do now? :P

Beetrice: Amazing how places like Baby Guess and Osh Kosh B'gosh punya business are still booming. What happened to Kiki Lala? Kiko? :P

Paris B: Yeah, can't blame the kids for insisting on designer wear when they're older, when they 'started off' with Guess, etc. Tsk tsk tsk.