January 31, 2007

An Ode To Music

Ode to Music

Music is a gift from God,
How it heals the whole being!
Sounds so sacred, vibrating throughout the universe.
How could we be inspired without singing the ancient Psalter?
Where would we be without the cantatas of Bach,
The symphonies of Beethoven, the operas of Mozart?
What would we do without the folk ballads of Bob,
Joni, Buffie, and Bruce? Who could dance, sing, laugh or cry without
The blues of B.B., the jazz of Miles, the rock
guitarists like Jimmie, Eric and George? Music is heaven's official language,
It fills the body with peace, the mind with creativity,
The heart with love, the soul with complete union.
Music is the vehicle wherein humankind journeys
As one family of brothers and sisters without
divisions and barriers.
We travel with music to the wonders of the world,
Places of such breathtaking, astounding beauty and sweet ecstasy.
So wherever you may be or whoever you are,
Sing a song, play an instrument dance with joy
In this life-long ode to music.
- Garth Wehrfritz-Hanson

Music has always played a very big role in my life, whether it's in playing the piano or singing. I've played the piano since I was six (started off on the humble organ), and have always enjoyed singing. Music also has a very calming effect on me, and has served as a soothing haven for me to forget all my troubles, even if it was only temporary.

With this, I've created a section in this blog where I'll be introducing music which I find inspiring. I'll be sharing Christian songs, contemporary ballads, etc. Just drop me an email if you'd like a copy of the song(s).

Many thanks to Zeroimpact whose blog inspired me to share my favourite music (and also to use Lifelogger as a media-sharing tool, hehe).


Jemima said...

I set aside mood music that I can call on when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, stressed, harried. I allow music to soothe my spirit and calm my nerves.

I'm looking forward to listen to your music. :)

zeroimpact said...

Music speaks when so many words have failed
Glad that you'd be sharing your music for I'd be waiting to hear of it
Music constitute many part of my life for they tell a story hidden in a mere song, enough to invoke emotions greater than an hour's talk or a movie
Music is life to me

Tine said...

Jemima: Me too. Music works particularly well when I'm feeling negative. When I'm angry, I hantam the piano, and I'd feel better. Or I'll play some melancholy music whenever I feel like I need a good cry. It's a cathartic experience :)

Zeroimpact: Likewise, my friend. More often than not, the music brings out the raw emotions in movies.