January 12, 2007

Weekend's Here Again

So the weekend's a-coming. Any plans?

I'll be staying in this weekend. Will go to town on Sunday to run some errands, but that'll be it. I've been pretty down of late, what with problems at the workplace (will blog on that some other time), topped with a really bad stomachache yesterday (still recovering from it actually). Right now, I just wanna crawl into bed, hide myself under the covers, and sleep it all off.

On a lighter note, by staying home this weekend, I'll be reorganising my makeup bag. Time to bin all the old makeup (I still have bits and pieces which I bought in the UK three years ago), to clear some space for new ones. I've been buying quite a lot of single eyeshadow refills from Elianto ('cos it's super cheap), and they add to the bulk. Single eyeshadow cases are more fun for me; I get to experiment with different colours. It's also more challenging; the sets which come in 2 colours or more pretty much restrict you to the existing colours if you're not ready to mix colours of your own. Plus, it's like having separate bottles of paint; spread 'em out, and you get a rainbow of colours. Ahh ... such purrdy colours ... *grin*

Here's to a good weekend, people.


Jemima said...

Have a great weekend, Tine. :)

Thanks for the birthday wish. ;)

Tine said...

Aww thanks Jemima. You too, ya? :)

Paris Beaverbanks said...

How are you liking the Elianto stuff? I tested a couple but I was always in a hurry so I haven't bought any. The counters are also not in places I usually go to so its hard for me to look at them properly. Do a review on them eh? ;) Have a great weekend! The stuff goes out to you next week - sorry for delay eh?

beetrice said...

I just only realised Elianto opened an outlet at Cineleisure when I went to get my nails done last night...

Bought a couple of products to try - haven't gone near the eyeshadows, but the spray toner and pre-moistened pads for your face and eyes are NOT BAD!! :)

Tine said...

Paris B: I've not tried much of Elianto's stuff, but so far, it's quite good. Well, the price is certainly VERY good :P Hmm ... a review eh? I've never done a cosmetics review before; I'm gonna try ;) No worries about the stuff, take your time. Thanks a hoot! :)

Beetrice: Yeah, I have Elianto's cucumber pre-moistened eye pads, and if you store them in the fridge, they're REALLY good. I really like it that they provide a small pair of tweezers with the pads, so it makes it a lot easier to pick 'em up.