January 18, 2007

Rain, Oh Where Art Thou?

How do you when the Chinese New Year is near? The telltale red lanterns and CNY music blaring over the speakers in shopping malls? Or the ever-growing stack of crates containing kum (mandarin oranges)? For me, it's the scorching heat.

I believe it was about 36C yesterday afternoon. It was so bloody hot, you could cook an egg on my head. Not a cloud was in sight, and to think that I actually ventured outside the office for lunch. I came back flushed in the face, parched and dizzy. How could it be flooding in Johor, and not even a drop of rain in Penang? Argh.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Every Chinese New Year, when people were out visiting from house to house, I'd stay put in my cousin's place in Seremban. I'm so glad that we did not have to do any house-visits during CNY, because I'd definitely not be able to take the heat. If you think Penang's hot during CNY, you wouldn't even wanna try Seremban.

Drink lots of water during the holiday season, people. You wouldn't want to fall ill from the heat, not when it's a season of EATING.

Oh for a drop of rain! *do a lil' rain dance*


zeroimpact said...

One man's meat is another's poison
Clearly spell out here I think
Drink more water and hopefully it will cool you down

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: I do agree. It would be good if the rain was shifted out of Johor, and evened out amongst the states, then it's be ideal :)

Anyhoos, thanks for the advice :) You too, ya?

Timodee said...

babes...if it's any consolation, i'd still have to endure temps up to mid 40s for this summer...plus the bushfires are certainly impacting adversely on the air quality here....
(technically, you'd need mid 40s to get your eggs cooked...hehe...)

Tine said...

timodee: Well, babes, for this kinda weather, eggs might decide to cook early! :P I know you have to endure worser temps and weather, poor baby :)