January 07, 2007

Chinese New Year Shopping & Tradition

Did my Chinese New Year shopping today. Y'know, when you are to wear new clothes on the first day of CNY? No? Well, it's a long-standing tradition in my family; Mum had it when she was growing up, so must we. Definitely no complaints from my department, that's for sure.

I remembered Mum buying us new clothes a month or so before CNY, and we'd all be dressed in new garb on the first day. Mum told me stories about how my grandmother would make all her children new clothes just for the festive season. They'd only be able to have new clothes ONCE a year, but they'd all be dressed to the nines then. Puts the 'shopping-for-every-occasion" into a whole new perspective, huh? Still, it's a tradition which I hope to carry on with me. I know I can't sew for peanuts, but it'd be nice to put on something new just for the occasion.

Anyhoos, yeah, I did a LOT of damage today. Five tops, a skirt, two eyeliners, and other bits and bobs. Bought a t-shirt for the boyfriend too. It's not a thing for him to wear brand-new clothes on the first day of CNY though. Ah well, there's always a first time, no? I actually swiped my credit card three times today. Don't even want to know what the final bill will be *gulp*.

Five more weeks to CNY. Can't wait ;)

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