January 30, 2007

A Girly Sunday At Makeup School

A week ago, my colleagues and I signed up for a personal image grooming and makeup course at Stella-in International. I was initially rather reluctant to join 'em, as RM380 for a 6-hour course (divided into two Sundays) is pretty pricey. After some time of consideration, I figured it could be fun after all, learning with the girls, and ended up forking out the money. We were quite excited, and was looking forward to the class all week.

As the date drew near, we were told to bring our own facial cotton, tissues, facial wipes, cotton buds, and eyelash curler. I was quite surprised that they did not provide such basic amenities, being such a prominent beauty centre in Penang. Warning bells, perhaps?

Stella-In Workstation

Anyways, the class began promptly at 10am. After brief introductions, we got down to business. A general overview of the course:

Aim of Course:
This course provides you with detailed information about various cosmetic tools and skin care products. You will learn the basic steps and techniques of make-up applications, and be guided in choosing correct colour combinations, suitable cosmetics and the best way to enhance your features.
- Introduction to products, tools and materials
- Basic skin care and preparation
- Cleanse, tone and moisturise
- Personal face massage
- Colour coordination and selection of makeup colours
- Day makeup
- Evening makeup
- Choosing suitable foundation
- Application of concealer cream
- Loose powder for long-lasting makeup
- Drawing of eyebrows
- Correct application of eyeshadow
- Correct application of eyeliner
- Techniques to lip colour application
- Latest techniques to blusher application

I was actually more interested in learning the proper way of makeup than anything else. I felt that the trainer spent a lot of time on teaching us the proper skincare methods, etc. I do not deny that proper skincare is very very important to us ladies, and that we should start early, and know the correct ways to cleanse, tone and moisturise your face. However, the main objective of us going for the class was to learn about makeup; I thought it would have been better if she focused more on that.

Stella-In's Portfolio

When we finally got to the part where we could finally paint our faces, it was pretty fun, unveiling all the brushes which Stella-in provided. I finally learnt how to use the corrective concealer kit (the one with 3 to 4 colours - green, pink, purple and brown), which was really good, 'cos I've always wanted to know how to work that. I also learnt the proper method of applying liquid eyeliner, which I've always had trouble with (my shaky hands always manage to draw jagged lines on my eyes *gulp*).

Stella-In/Clio Makeup Range

On the whole, it was an okay class. I did enjoy the session, but it was more in the company of my friends than anything else. To be honest, I expected more out of the session. For example, instead of just teaching us how to draw our eyebrows, it would have been more useful if they had taught us how to shape 'em too ('cos every girl knows that ain't easy to do all by yourself without getting 'em shaped by a pro first). It would also be good for them to teach us how to 'create' double-eyelids, which a lot of us Asians sadly lack.

I guess we'll just have to see what comes up during the next session, which, incidentally, is our last. I already have plenty of questions which I'd want to ask, e.g. how to use makeup to define a flat nose, how to create the 'smoky-eye' look without looking like we've been punched in the eyes, how to put on fake eyelashes, etc. Hmmm ... anything else I should look out for?

What to do, the kiasu person in me has to 'squeeze' as much info as I can for the money I paid leh. Tee hee hee!


Merv Kwok said...

RM380 and they couldn't even provide you with tissues, facial wipes and such? Robbery I say!

Tine said...

Merv: EXACTLY!! Apa ni, tisu, kapas pun tak boleh bagi?!


Jemima said...

Another lesson learnt??? ;)

Tine said...

Jemima: Alamak, Jem, my lessons are all getting very the expensive!! :(