January 23, 2007

A Gift From Paris

I received this in the mail yesterday.


Many thanks to fellow blogger, Paris Beaverbanks, who sent this to me, along with a nice lil' note.


Got this from one of her giveaways. What can I say, I'm a sucker for freebies. This is the first time I've actually gotten something out of blogging, so yay!

Anyhoos, I'd take this opportunity to also pimp Paris' beauty blog (no, she didn't ask me to do so; just wanted to, that's all), which I find very useful. I like it for a fact that she does not always give positive reviews to different types and brands of skincare or cosmetics, which means she actually tried 'em out. There are some sites who practically sing praises to ALL of the products they review, which gets boring after a while (especially if they're paid to do so). I mean, err, did y'all even try out these stuff? Anyways, do check it out. Tine says it's good :)

One thing though, Paris. I haven't tried it out yet. The packet's only 3cc each, but it mentions that the lotion is supposed to last 3 to 5 applications. That would be, like, a drop per application? Enough kah?

PS: This is not a Paris Beaverbanks-sponsored post. Hehe.


PabloPabla said...

Hurray for Paris! Quite nice writing she has, huh? Seems to be a pro in quick writing...I wonder if it's related to her profession? Hmmm???

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Yay you got it! :) Thanks for the sweet write up *hugs* Actually the lotion really goes a long way so very little is needed. I got about 3 applications from 1 sachet but I only used it for my hands/legs. If you want to use all over then I think its only 1 application la hehe

Kleio said...

So sweet of you to pimp Paris err... I mean Paris's products :D

Paris, you've got very nice handwritngs. Unlike mine so un-girlish. I bet people can't even tell if it is a female or male's writting. LOL. Half of the time I can't even read my own writting without strain. Hahaha

Tine said...

Pablopabla: Yeps, I do agree. Good style of writing. Dunno if it's related to her profession though; I have no idea what she does! :P

Paris: Oooh like that ke? I shall try it out. And you're very much welcome :) *hugs*

Kleio: Hahaha, hmm ... pimping Paris? That's an idea, hehe :P Kidding, Paris! Yeah, I'd agree, definitely nice handwriting. Mine's very cakar ayam, but I'd blame that on typing too much and writing far too little. Tsk tsk tsk.