February 01, 2007

I Pray

I was first introduced to this song by Hester over a year ago. I was going through a very rough time, and I was an emotional wreck. My faith in God was severely tested, and many a time, I wanted to give up on life.

The first thing which attracted me to the song was the very soothing rhythm and tune, before I start to fully understand the lyrics. I'm a banana too, and I cannot read Chinese, but with Hester's help, I was able to understand every line.

With every line, the words spoke and ministered to me. And after a very long time, I started to pray once again.


禱告 因為我渺小
禱告 因為我知道我需要
明了 你心意對我重要

禱告 已假裝不了
禱告 因為你的愛我需要
你關懷 我走過的你都明白



- 讚美之泉

I pray, for I am nothing
I pray, for I clearly know what I need
To seek Your will as it's shown to me

I pray, for I am searching
I pray, for Your love is what I need
On my knees, through the valleys, You walk with me

Some things I only want to let You know
'Cause no one loves me like You do, my Lord
Though tears of pain may fall
You're with me, I have no doubt

As day breaks, Lord, I wanna cry out to You
'Cause You so love me, You'll pull me through
The strength that I need, I receive every morning
Your grace is all I need

Click here to listen.


Jemima said...

I'm a Potato. Don't know how to read Chinese, too. :(

But, know how to listen. :P

Thanks for the translation.

I do pray everyday.. for myself & everyone including you, Tine.
I guessed my prayers is one of the main reasons I'm still alive today..

If it's not too much trouble, can you pls email me the song? No hurry.. :)


zeroimpact said...

We all pray at some point of time, for the ones besides us, for family and for loved ones
I pray too for all of you

Tine said...

Jemima: Thanks Jemima :) Already emailed you the song :) *hugs*

Zeroimpact: My sentiments too :)