February 11, 2007

CNY Hiatus

Starting tomorrow, I will be away on a week-long break. I shall most likely have no access to the Internet, hence, I will not be able to post anything for a while. Maybe it's a good thing too; I've had complaints of my being in front of the computer for too long now. It's time to greet the world again :)

To those celebrating the Chinese New Year, I wish you all a very happy new year. Eat up and be merry. For those who will be driving back to their hometowns for the season, do be safe on the road. And to everyone else, have a fabulous holiday.

Tine will be back soon ;)


zeroimpact said...

Gong xi fa cai
And have a great holiday

Jemima said...

God Bless you & Happy Chinese New Year, Tine.

Will miss you, my dear friend.

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Xin Nien Kuai Le! Wan Se Ru Yi! Hope you get lotsa lotsa ang pows and have a great break. :)

Merv Kwok said...

You mate, Happy CNY! And your resignation letters had me laughing haha. Good one mate

Kleio the Muse said...

Hi Tine,

Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Enjoy your holiday and I shall be missing you.

I am going off for CNY starting this Friday... one day later than you. Are you going back hometown? As for me, I shall be in KL as usual - don't have any hometown to go to, as I am local.

Kleio da Muse said...

I have added you to my Z-list. It's my early angpow to you :P Hahahaha

Tine said...

Zeroimpact: Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too (still not too late, cos not even the 15th day yet, hehe). Hope you had a good holiday.

Jemima: Aww ... missed you too, me friend. God bless.

Paris: Happy Happy New Year, girl! Not much angpow lah (usual measly amount), but it sure was a great break, all right ;)

Merv: Tee hee hee, yeah, me too, when I first read 'em ;) Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too!

Kleio: Hope you enjoyed your CNY. At least it wasn't too hot during CNY in KL. Did it rain till it flooded your place ah? I heard some places in KL kena.

Oh, and muchos gracias for the Z-list angpow, hehehe :p Shall have to get to doing that sometime.