February 24, 2007

Our Wedding Blog

Update: I have removed the link to the wedding blog. If you wish to view the site, please drop me an email. Thanks.

The wedding blog's ready; do visit us here. With that site, I shall not mention any more wedding stuff here. Well, unless it's absolutely necessary. Hehe. Your comments and suggestions are very much welcomed; we need as much help as we can get.

It's going to be a weekend of relaxation for me, i.e. gonna stay at home, do a bit of tidying up (the room's a bit of a mess right now, with my luggage and stuff still unpacked), watch the telly ... that sort of thing. You know what they say, the less you go out, the less you tend to spend.

Have a great weekend, folks.


Jemima said...

Tine, I visited your wedding blog & actually left this comment there but I couldn't publish it as I don't have a blogger account.

So I copied it over here. :p

Hi Tim,

Nice to meet you & Congrats on your engagement.

I'm still single. No future plans of getting married.. just yet.

Tine is a good blogger-pal & you can be sure that I will give the two of you my full support.

I'm leaving a prayer here for Tine. It's from A Pocket Book of Prayers for Women.

An Engaged-to-be-Married Prayer

now that I am engaged to be married, I pray that together we may grow to understand deeply the true meaning of our love and the immense work of mutual giving that this entails.
Give us, I pray, the spirit of prayer, greater generosity of heart and a sense of humour.
Teach me how to give and to forget myself.

Jemima said...

I'm so blurrrrrr...

I could comment there with my google account & I did.

Hehe.. sorry, my dear. :p

Tine said...

Jemima: I'll reply your comment in the wedding blog :)