February 28, 2007

童話 - Fairytale

I don't listen to much Chinese songs, as I don't understand most of them, but this is one song I really like. Oh, and the video's a real tearjerker. Dammit *sniff*

Tong Hua


忘了有多久 再沒聽到你
我想了很久 我開始慌了

你哭著對我說 童話裡都是騙人的
也許你不會懂 從你說愛我以後

張開雙手 變成翅膀守護你
你要相信 相信我們會像童話故事裡
- 光良 (Guang Liang)

I've forgotten how long it has been
since I've never again...
listened to you telling your beloved fairytale
I've thought for a long time
I start to panic
have I done something wrong?

You said to me with full of tears
Inside the fairytale are all lies
I can't possibly be your prince
Maybe you can ever understand
You said I love you ever after
The stars in my sky has lightened up

I'm willing to be
that angel you love inside the fairytale
Spread up my hands to
become the wings to protect you
You must believe
believe that we can be like that in the fairytale
with "happily ever after" as the ending

Click here to listen.
Click here to watch the video.


Jemima said...

*Sniff Sniff*

I was crying before I dropped by here.

Watching the video made me cry some more.


TrueBluePenangite said...

I love this song. I've been playing it at work and people keep asking me what it meant and I had no idea. Thanks for the translation.

Kleio the Muse said...

I have recently seen this MV too - recommended by a contact of mine... an Austrian guy.

It was sure one tear-jerker this one. Made me cried in office. I can't understand the whole thing as I wasn't too good in Mandarin. Later on, I googled the translantion and watch it again - more tears. *Sniff*

It's good to know we can still cry... makes us human. Makes me feel more alive.

This MV has since introduced my to Guan Liang (Micheal Wong), the singer of this song. Actually, I have heard of this song before... just that I didn't pay much attention to it then and I didn't watch the MV.

beetrice said...

Now I remember this song...my colleague used to love playing it in the office... :)

It's really good to listen to though...

Tine said...

Jemima: Oh dear ... girl, I hope you're okay now, and not crying anymore.

PS: I think the kissing scene's real funny though (mana ada passion??), and the heaving chest bit was hilarious!

Truebluepenangite: No probs, glad you liked it :)

Kleio: When I first heard this song, I watched it together with the video. I couldn't really catch the meaning of the song then, as I was too engrossed in the video, which made me teary in the end. It was much later when I finally got hold of the song, and started to pay attention to the lyrics.

Beetrice: Three colleagues of mine even have that song as their ringtone. It's a really overplayed song in my office :P

lakeside girl said...

Just dropped by.

Gorgeous blog you have here, babe! And all the best for the wedding plans too. :)

Tine said...

Lakeside girl: Hi hi, thanks for dropping by, and for the kind wishes :)